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The Best of Quick Knitting: Geek Edition

So I’m wrapping up the Quick Knitting posts this week with one that transcends the topic. This is in line with both my knitting and my nerd interests. I’ve been poking about and finding the best quick knitting projects out there that are as geeky as possible.

I’ll warn you in advance: this post got a little out of hand.

There are so many awesome geeky quick knits out there, man. So without further ado, here we go.


by Amy van de Laar

copyright Amy van de Laar
copyright Amy van de Laar

I mean, COME ON. Is this not a thing of wondrous beauty? A hat! With Daleks all around it! Knit in a subtle and yet unmistakable way!

You could be wearing this and be giving Whovians sore necks from double-taking for weeks. There is nothing I don’t love about this pattern and I will be trying it just as soon as I can get it together enough to get contrasting yarn.

Cunning Jayne Hat

by Renee Peterson

copyright Keiyla on flickr
copyright Keiyla on flickr

Anyone who knows what this hat is knows the scene. Jayne Cobb, hardman extraordinaire, dons the fabulous hat from his mother and doesn’t flinch (or understand) when his friends poke fun.

This hat is a staple for any geeky knitters out there and, should you end up knitting for someone again in the aftermath and lethargy of giftmas, this is an excellent one for any fellow Browncoats. Plus it’s knit with enormous yarn and would appear in seconds.

Near enough.

Tarragon the Dragon

by Knit-a-Zoo

copyright Knit-a-Zoo
copyright Knit-a-Zoo

When I was a child I thought there was a dragon curled up and sleeping beneath the island on which I lived. Though I was sure he or she was friendly, it still frightened me occasionally.

I don’t know where I got the idea – probably from people telling me how many caves were under my feet – but if I had to have a dragon sharing my space it would be Tarragon. Not only because I put that herb on anything that stays still long enough.


by Morgan Kenia Andrews

copyright Morgan Kenia Andrews
copyright Morgan Kenia Andrews

Before TARDISes and Daleks, what on Earth did people knit into hats? That’s what I want to know.

I think this hat would also look amazing with a black yarn. Except I have a white cat, so maybe not.

Invading Your Earspace

by Catherine Paul

copyright Catherine Paul
copyright Catherine Paul

Quite aside from having a fantastic name, this pattern is adorable. It’s also versatile because how many people are going to love this design? Everyone, that’s who!

Well, not quite. But the reach of retro gaming goes far beyond those who have actually had the chance to play Space Invaders. I have vague memories of it on some crappy website in my teens but missed the real thing, and I would still wear this.

Lego Man Mitts

by Carissa Browning

copyright Carissa Browning
copyright Carissa Browning

I’m just going to come right out and say it: these are disturbing and creepy. That said, they would also be super warm and the construction is interesting.

They would make a great part of a costume or as a way to thoroughly creep out people who glance at you in the street for reasons they do not fully understand, but yet will carry with them all day.

R2D2 Beanie

by Carissa Browning

copyright Carissa Browning
copyright Carissa Browning

So… I think we as a group should be keeping our eyes on Carissa Browning. She’s clearly some kind of evil genius.

I’m also not sure why so many fans want to stick their fandoms on their heads. I guess as a beacon to other fans? It is the most visible part of the body for most people.

This pattern is clever and most certainly will get you noticed by people. Some of them will even be fellow geeks.


Okay. Wow. I’m going to stop now because I have spent all morning going through the best patterns on Ravelry and I should probably do something more productive.

In the meantime, please share your favourite quick geek knits! I bet there is so much more out there – after all, there’s a huge overlap between knitters and geeks and I love it that way.


12 thoughts on “The Best of Quick Knitting: Geek Edition

  1. I can’t think of any particularly geeky knitting patterns, but the first thing I thought from that first picture was: ‘wow, what a nice cabled cardigan, I wonder if the pattern is around anywhere!’


  2. I’ve never seen the lego man mittens before! I have some young men in my life who would think these were just about the most awesome thing I’ve ever knit for them. Awesome post!


  3. Loved this! The dalek hat was amazing and I’m off to bookmark it on ravelry!

    I’m also going to add to your list by stating the obvious because really anything knit with the fourth doctor’s colours just scream geek knit.


    1. It is an amazing hat and I love it.

      You’re right, I’ve been meaning to make something with the Fourth Doctor’s colours for a while. Have you seen any good ones (minus the huge scarf which is beyond my patience)?


  4. Those are awesome! I have made a Jayne hat but I wish I felt more confident about trying colorwork because I’ve got two kids who would love that TARDIS hat. And you’re totally right about hats being like a beacon. That’s how we find our people. Gotta let your freak flag fly, right? 🙂


    1. I think you should totally try the TARDIS hat. It would be a good way to get more confident in your colourwork! It looks pretty simple too because there are only two colours.


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