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I just really love Agent Carter okay – A Love Letter


Though I have the chance to vent my Agent Carter love over at Nerd Underground I just had to bring it here as well. I am full of feelings. All the feels as the cool kids would say.

Warning: this post contains spoilers and an inordinate amount of squee so I’m putting it behind a cut.

A lot of people said that Agent Carter would be a fluffy filler show between the main acts. Oh how wrong they were.

Marvel TV shows (coughSHIELDcough) might sometimes start slow but that wasn’t the case with this show. It was quick and bright and interesting right from the start. I’m really enjoying the characters and not just the titular one! Jarvis has his cool and upright humour, Howard Stark is the one you love to want to punch. And then there’s Dottie. More on her later.

Agent Carter herself is the best thing about the show. Such a rounded, human character hasn’t been seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now I’m going to be honest here… I dislike Captain America. Yes, I know. The latest movie was great but only because he was almost a background character in the Black Widow and Fury Movie Extravaganza. On the whole I cannot stand Steve Rogers.

(This only counts in the movies. I love him in the comics.)

That said, I’m glad for his crappy first movies if only for Peggy. She storms out of the war and finds herself no longer in action, but suffering from inaction. This is a common theme in post-WWII stories about women (i.e. The Bletchley Circle) but this is something new.

In a reaction to the new cage of lunch orders, Agent Carter strikes out into the first thing that comes her way; Howard Stark’s mission to clear his own name and rescue his inventions. It means treason but it means action too. In this way Agent Carter’s motivation remains quite shallow but due to the events in the most recent episode, The Blitzkrieg Button, everything has changed.

I’m really enjoying watching her character develop, especially since we know how she ends up being such an important person.

Some of the plot lines are arguably predictable. At least one of the men, probably the angry blonde guy, is going to end up being Hydra. But then there are the unpredictable moments that are just as fun.


Dottie tried to befriend Peggy right from the start and now she’s revealed to be a part of the process that led to the Black Widow project. Yep, that’s right, we’re actually getting hints at Natasha’s back story. And it’s this which has had me super excited since I watched the episode.

If Dottie turns out to be Yelena I may actually pee.

So who else has been watching Agent Carter?


9 thoughts on “I just really love Agent Carter okay – A Love Letter

  1. LOL I love this side of you! I confess, I loved Captain American and haven’t watched Agent Carter, but I definitely feel your geeky passion and now I might have to start.


  2. I love her too. Growing up post WW 2, I relate to the whole ambience of the show. I wasn’t going to watch it, but one night I was bored and watched the first 2 episodes On Demand. I was hooked right away! She is complicated, sympathetic, and her wardrobe, plus hair and makeup are knockouts for me. So, yeah, I’m a fan!


  3. we started watching it, mostly fro the costumes, I have to admit! I know next to nothing about Captain America and all this back story stuff you are so well versed in, but there are many moments I absolutely love in this show. Love her apartment building and house mother – Love the scene where Natasha wanted the gun. From what you are writing, it seems I will need to get some movies…


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