The Cutest Little Notions Purse Ever

I tried to resist. Honest.

Okay, it wasn’t much of an effort in the face of such cuteness but it still counts. I was chilling at Martina’s Little Green House of wonderment and joy last week and lo, a light did shine upon this thing.


It is covered in mushrooms!

Handmade by Sew Tara, a local crafter, it’s the perfect size for the items I use most. At the moment it has my stitch markers, my darning needles, and my yarn scissors. That means instead of lugging around the big plastic pouch I use for needles I can just grab this thing and my project and be set to go.

I probably could have resisted the temptation if I hadn’t looked inside though.

P1240049The green swayed me and with the wonderful little heart-button I couldn’t resist. I snapped it up and I’ve been carrying it around ever since.

I often skimp on things like this when it comes to knitting, mostly because of limited funds. But then I think about how much use I’m going to get out of it and how much I love it and it seems more than worth the modest price tag.

Besides, I’m passionate about supporting people brave enough to put themselves out there like that. People who sell their wares or start thriving cupcake companies or run yarn stores. It’s really important that small businesses and handmade items get their stage.

That’s much more important than resisting temptation.



6 thoughts on “The Cutest Little Notions Purse Ever

  1. Your purse is gorgeous. I often think paying a tiny bit more to support a local artist rather than a big business is worth it, especially when youre going to get everyday use out of the item 🙂


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