Forgotten Projects Part Two

Yesterday I had a day off work for an appointment with a new doctor. I was pretty stressed out afterwards so I put on an episode of American Horror Story and sat down to sort out my yarn, a task I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

We’ve finally resigned ourselves to staying in the current apartment for a while. Don’t get me wrong; we like it. It’s a nice space and it’s in a good location. They don’t mind that we have so many animals. All in all it’s great but the rent is high and it makes it difficult to save for our own place.

This resignation has lead us to cleaning up the spare room which until now has been mostly for storage. We’re going to get a desk in there and a recliner to make it a cosy space for relaxing and writing.

Part of clearing it up involved sorting my yarn and like before, I found projects I had forgotten.


This is my worsted-weight snuggly shawl I started… I don’t even know when. A while before leaving the UK so probably about a year ago. It is a simple knit from the Acadian Shawl pattern on Ravelry, very satisfying to do yet easy to remember and do without thinking about it constantly. A great TV-knit.

This photo was taken a long time before I left the UK. I know that because my shawl is about three rows from being finished. Yeah, that’s right – I abandoned it just before finishing it.


I’m going to figure out where in the diamond pattern I reached and then it should be finished and bound off within half an hour.

Forgetting projects like this is a fun way to distract myself from the fact I have lost all motivation for all of my current projects, but please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!


12 thoughts on “Forgotten Projects Part Two

  1. I also certainly forget about projects, usually because I don’t really want to finish them. When they get found again, they usually get thrown out, if I’m capable to realising that I’m not going to finish it. Otherwise it just gets hidden at the bottom of the bag again!


    1. Good to know it’s not just me. I do have a bunch of projects I ripped back when I found them, knowing I wouldn’t touch them again. But this one I’m keeping as it’s so close to finished.


  2. I casted-on a few projects a couple weeks ago, got really excited about them… and now I haven’t knit them in days and I started two new sock projects… I might get back to those old WIPs at some point!


  3. I’m always abandoning projects just at the end! Especially it it involves seaming. I’ve so many bits of projects lying around the place just begging for a darning needle to put them together. One of these days it will happen. 😊


  4. Weren’t you clever to leave yourself a project that could be picked up later and completed very quickly? Really, who thinks ahead like that? Usually when I find an abandoned project I can’t even remember what it was, much less finish it. Give yourself a pat on the back!


  5. Sometimes, you are just in the right ‘mood’ to dig out a piece that was started a long time ago – I have a lovely Rowen cardigan which, after at least 4 years, is still waiting to be finished but it’s 4ply and tiny needles… I don’t like it though, when I have ‘current’ projects that go off the boil – that’s when I need a deadline and someone else telling me to finish it. Nice to finish off an old WIP, a sense of achievement, big tick!


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