In a Slump: Please Inspire Me?

Knitting is hard.

At least, it’s hard right now. I made the mistake of doing some twisted stitches and awkward tight knitting yesterday and now my old RSI is acting up in my right hand. I’ll be taking it easy today, but that’s not new either.

The last few days – about a week or so – I’ve been suffering from knitting lethargy. Considering how many pairs of socks and such I’ve made in the last couple of months it’s not too surprising but it’s still annoying. I want to knit more. I want to knit ALL THE THINGS.

Alas, I can barely manage a few rows of the gorgeous socks I’m knitting right now, let alone the hat I started to stave off the lethargy.

All it means is that I’ll be reading a book where I would normally be knitting and that’s okay for a while. It seems like all knitters go through stages like this and I’ve certainly experienced it before. I’m just hoping it doesn’t last too long.

So help me! If you’re knitting something lovely right now please link it below so I can go coo over it and hopefully get some knitting mojo back.


20 thoughts on “In a Slump: Please Inspire Me?

    1. That’s very true and well-put πŸ™‚ I should try cross stitch some time. I was looking at that Subversive Cross Stitch book the other day and it looks like fun.


  1. I agree – it is good to change it up sometimes. But if you really feel the need to push through it, why don’t you wander around Ravelry? Look for your favorite designers, see what is new? Look at the latest colors and yarns?

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    1. That’s a good idea, though I’ve been trying and I haven’t seen much. The only thing I want to knit right now is Sitka Spruce, the hat, but the twisted stitches are killing my hand. Maybe it’s time to crochet.

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  2. How afwul…nothing as worse as not being able to knit and relax from it! Maybe, you should look into different techniques? There is plenty on the internet if you google RSI and knitting. I had a neck injury and learned knitting whilst letting it rest in my lap and rest every few worked very well!


    1. That’s a good idea. Usually this doesn’t give me any problems but it’s just this one pattern has messed me up. I’m trying to do the exercises I used to do but maybe I need to ask doctor google about different knitting techniques πŸ™‚ thank you!

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  3. My hands are killing me from a cable pattern I’m working, because I am full of anger and knit so tightly it’s ridiculous. I agree you should switch over to xstitch or embroidery for a spell! If you want to try any of my patterns, just shoot me an email. I’m happy to share. Take care!


  4. I could take a photo of my beatik… but you probably won’t get it for 5 months and it probably won’t be very inspiring!

    If only we could combine ourselves. I could knit, you could photograph it and blog about it.


  5. I agree with the others, that taking a break might be just the ticket. Tell yourself you CAN’T knit, that it just isn’t an option. After a few days of that, I bet you’ll be wanting nothing more than to wield those needles.


  6. Agreeing with everyone else in that you cant / shouldnt force it, it will come back! I had similar feelings a few months ago and people said the same, and they were right. A break did me the world of good, and in the mean time, I got a few things dine that i had been ‘pro-craftinating’ on.


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