It’s a boy!

My little sister already has one gorgeous little boy who is the most hilarious, beautiful little nephew I could hope for. Except now my sister is pregnant again so I get another nephew!

I’m so excited. My little sister (Megan) is a fabulous mother and it’s great to see her growing her little brood. My other sister has a lovely daughter so she gets a new cousin too.

The only thing is that I’m on a different continent. I will not be able to meet my new nephew for quite some time. I’m trying not to think about that too much.

Of course for any knitter this is time to start creating cute little items for the upcoming sweetheart. I have already knit a cardigan (pictures upcoming) but it is not for my nephew; it was for my co-worker’s granddaughter. I started knitting some booties for my nephew but I can’t find a pattern I like this time and I don’t know why.

Maybe I’m just not in the mood to knit booties.

I did eye my current socks and wonder whether to frog my process to knit something adorable for him but managed to put it on time-out until I curtailed that instinct. I mean, really. This is the perfect yarn for this pattern, I can’t rip the sock back. For a moment it was tempting.


I managed to keep going with the sock. I’ll work on the booties more when I find some adorable yarn.


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