Terry Pratchett.

Today I bought Men at Arms which has always been one of my favourite Terry Pratchett novels. Previously I didn’t need to buy my own copies because I used the Library of Dad – it was one of the things we bonded over and how he began to realise I’m a complete nerd. Terry Pratchett’s books have brought me so much joy over the years.

I am so, so sad to hear he died today.

It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It’s called living. – Terry Pratchett

There is nothing out there remotely like the Discworld novels but that was not all Pratchett brought us. I remember the day Dad came in with two hardback copies of Nation – it was released on my birthday so he took it as a sign I needed my own copy. I remember watching Pratchett’s touching talk on euthanasia, something that was close to his heart thanks to early onset Alzheimers.

Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can. – Terry Pratchett

My heart hurts for the loss of this man and I’m not usually the kind to get upset about ‘celebrity’ deaths. I’ve never met them, after all.

But Terry Pratchett was such a huge part of my formative years and I will always carry his (ridiculous and surreal but always poignant) words in my mind.

From Terry Pratchett’s own Twitter…


3 thoughts on “Terry Pratchett.

  1. I know so many people who love his books, but I’ve never read any. Maybe now is a good time to start. Which book would you recommend as a 1st Pratchett book?


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