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I need to stop buying needles.

Lately I’ve been turning up at my knit night with my yarn in hand and no needles with which to cast on. Don’t ask me how I manage it buy I’m always either right at the end of a project or on a really fiddly bit when I get there, which means I’m forced to start another project (I know, my life is hard). Of course I am a complete sock addict so that’s usually what I pick up.

Two weeks ago I bought some 2mm needles. Usually I knit on a larger gauge – 2.5 or above – purely because I have the tendency to break anything smaller. What? I knit tightly, okay?

Of course I broke one of the needles about five minutes in but that’s okay, I had one spare. I’m nearing the toe on that project and have yet to destroy any more needles. They’re wooden ones because despite the advantages of being less easy to snap, I cannot stand metal or carbon for long.

Last week I went back to Martina’s and still could not knit without buying some needles. Not wanting to repeat the same situation as before, I decided to try out the Hiya Hiya 9″ circulars specifically made for socks. They have tiny needles which means you have to crunch up your fingers near the end but when you’re as tense a person/knitter as me, that’s not a problem. I was surprised how easy it was to adjust to them.

One of the biggest benefits of knitting with a 9″ circular is the lack of ladders where your DPNs meet. Now, I don’t know if I’ll ever completely abandon my DPNs, but I do not hate these circulars.

When I got to the heel my mind unravelled as I attempted to figure out how to knit the heel. Turns out I should have just used Youtube, but I never make things that easy for myself. I struggled and fiddled and cursed and somehow managed to turn a successful heel yesterday.

In future I’ll stick to googling videos like this one before I get tempted to throw my project out of a window.

Have you tried these needles before? What did you think?


15 thoughts on “I need to stop buying needles.

  1. Have you tried Ebony needles? They’re more expensive than bamboo but they’re far more difficult to snap. They’re 2-3x the price of bamboo, but if you’re buying lots of bamboo, maybe it’s worth it. For me, I find them to be slick like metal but not slippery like metal. They still have a bit of that grabby nature of wood. It’s a luxury experience!


    1. I haven’t tried them! I do use Knit Pro needles with the harder wood in general because I snap bamboo too easily, but I snap these needles too. I should try Ebony.


  2. Hmmm. I’m an English knitter and, despite having small hands, I have a long, stretched out throw. Can’t handle the itty bitty needle tips even on a 16″ circular. Nope. 4 dps or magic loop for this girl!


    1. I am an English knitter too (most of the time) with small hands, but I haven’t found the learning curve too steep with the little circs. That said, I cannot knit magic loop for socks because about three rows in I want to set fire to the things. It’s funny how preferences differ so much, it’s lucky we have so many options!


  3. I tried the 9″ circular sock needles not too long ago as well and I absolutely love them! They’re so much easier to transport (socks are my knit everywhere projects) and I don’t have to worry about dropping the stitches off the ends of the DPNs, and dropping or even losing needles. I also think that you can knit faster with them because you don’t have to change needles every little while. Of course, the short circular needles don’t completely replace DPNs for sock knitting, you will still need a set of them to work the toes but I think the circular ones really are great for everything else!

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    1. Yeah, I agree that they’re really portable even compared to DPNs. I finished one sock today and it was enjoyable even if I had to fiddle about a bit to find some 2mm DPNs spare for the toe!


    1. I think it doesn’t help that the carbon needles I had were early on in their creation and badly made. It tainted me. I hear they’re better now.


  4. I have similar needles – Addis – which I LOVE. A couple of markers to tell me where my dpns would change if I was using them, and all is well when it comes to turning heels, etc. I don’t think I would knit socks on anythgin else any more.


    1. The marker thing is a good idea, I ended up doing that for the foot section so I could decrease at the toe. Before that I just had the one stitch marker for the start of the round.

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  5. I love hiya hiya needles and I have tried the 9′ for mittens, which was awesome. I have not tired them for socks. I am trying to learn the two at a time method. But I love hiya hiya needles!


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