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Experiences with tiny needles

After knitting (and frogging) a pair of socks in the last week on my tiny circular needles, I’ve discovered something.

I’m not the kind of person that thinks ahead.

To people who know me that’s not the most surprising news ever to fall out of my keyboard. It’s not even news to me, although sometimes I forget that I don’t always think things through. In this case I was happily knitting away on my needles in my usual stitch counts, just a vanilla sock because it was self-striping, when I realised my error.

I was working on 2mm needles with my usual stitch count, yet usually I work on 2.5mm or above. Result? My already tiny socks (for my tiny ankles) were laughably small.

It wasn’t me who noticed; it was my coworker, the guy who sits beside me. He’s got pretty good at knowing what I’m knitting at any given time and asks interested questions about the yarn and whether knitting is cost-effective (oh how I laughed), and he said to me, ‘those look a little small, don’t they?’.

So I looked at the socks and then at my feet and then back at the socks. And I ripped it out then and there.

Anaemia and a headache that’s been going for nearly three months now has given me rather a short temper but I did not lose it here. I’m a process knitter and enjoy the motion of knitting more than the end product. My fits of rage were fleeting as I wound back the pretty yarn and tossed it into my filing cabinet at work (hey, we’re a paper-free office, what else should I use it for?).

Despite that little hiccough I have to say I’m enjoying the tiny needles. Knitting the heel is fiddly and a bit ridiculous but the rest goes quickly and looks neat and even with no ladders where the DPNs meet.

Still, I’m casting on a few more stitches this time.


6 thoughts on “Experiences with tiny needles

  1. I just did the same thing with my self-striping socks… it broke my heart a little with each rip. I feel your pain. Enjoy the process of re-casting on and knitting!


  2. I just finished a pair of socks that I had to rip out and start again! I love my 9 inch circulars, but I hate doing the heel flap on them, so I just use DPNs to do the heel so it is not as fiddly.


  3. Poop!

    I like the part of being a process knitter .. I tell myself the same thing when I’m cross stitching and quilting when the end product doesn’t work out so well sometimes!


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