Colour and the seasons

You would think I’d go for green when spring peeks up its head but nope, I turn to red.

Everyone has their own relationship with colours and I am no different. I love colour and I love expressing myself with it. With knitting that was one of the big things that drew me to the hobby (or obsession).

In the summer I knit and wear every colour indiscriminately because the sun is out and the air is clear and I have a huge number of pretty skirts to swoosh about in.

Come autumn I switch to purple. This is not a conscious choice but looking back on those later months of 2014, it is undeniable. I wore purple shirts with my purple bag and knitted with purple yarn.

Winter is a grey time. I knit myself a pair of grey socks and wore grey almost every day. I don’t hate this, but I am getting tired of it.

It’s spring! At least the calendar says so even if the weather gods aren’t quite in agreement yet. Somehow spring makes me swing into a world of red. I have bought myself some cashmere sock yarn (it is the best, and you shall see it soon) and it is a lovely rich shade of crimson. My spring coat is red, although I love my purple bag too much to abandon it yet – this is acceptable as the colours combined make me feel like a sentient fuchsia.

And lawd knows I love fuchsias.


What colours do you pick for seasons, or haven’t you noticed a pattern? Am I just odd? (Yes.)


5 thoughts on “Colour and the seasons

  1. Purples are like my all time favorite. Usually spring and summer I wear a lot of purples, greens, and blues. I am trying to add more colors and I am starting with knitting little accent pieces. In the fall/winter I tend to go with darker colors and lots of black. Black and purple are my favorite colors.


  2. You know, I don’t think I do that, so maybe you *are* odd. 🙂 I tend to favor the same colors year round: bright purples, pinks and teals. In the fall/winter it goes more jewel-tone, but still the same colors. When warmer weather rolls around, I have to remind myself to play with more seasonal-colored yarns. But I’m right there with you on one thing: I love me some fuchsia!


  3. I haven’t really noticed any pattern with what colours I wear, although every Spring and Winter I find myself gravitating towards bright colours, without noticing myself drifting away from them, so whatever I do is anyones guess!


  4. I tend to wear colours that reflect my emotions more than the seasons as such. If I feel down in the dumps I tend to wear dark or muddy colours and bright and cheerful ones when I am feeling bright and cheerful of course! But a really nice red is always lovely!


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