When Crochet Attacks

I’m in the middle of knitting a baby blanket for my future nephew. It’s going well; though I’m only using acrylic (I’m only a part-time yarn snob), it’s coming out just how I wanted it to. It’s not from a pattern either and I’m thinking of writing it up when I’m done.

It started taking its toll on my tendons yesterday so I put it down and picked up the crochet hook instead.

At work we have office chairs that are not brand new (to say the least). I switched mine because it was wonky and this one has a crack in the arm, so I crocheted a cover for it and tied it on. It works really well.

No pictures since we are not allowed cameras in our office.

This is one of the things I love about crochet. It is so easy to look at something and make an object to fit it. It’s versatile and quick. Sure it’s not usually as pretty as knitting but it has its place and I’m glad to be bi-craftual.

Do you make little useful objects like this?


4 thoughts on “When Crochet Attacks

  1. I think my favorite random crochet life hack would be the crochet socks for chair legs… so much easier and nicer than the pads you can buy at a store.


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