A Place for Acrylic

Confession: I don’t mind knitting with acrylic.

Yes, I prefer knitting with natural fibres. Of course I do: they’re more interesting in texture and generally make better quality items. Yet I still have quite a large stash of acrylic and don’t mind finding projects to use it up.

At the moment that project is a baby blanket for my sister’s unborn child. I am nervous about sending it to her due to the fact I have had many things go missing, but it’s something that I’m going to have to risk.

Knitting this blanket with acrylic was not an easy choice. I wanted to make one with wool but I knew it would be fiddly for my sister to wash it (she’s not a knitter) and though I could have got superwash, price was still a factor. There are other things that need my funds these days – little things like food and rent and keeping our many pets alive. So I picked acrylic.

It’s soft enough and cute too but I fear I don’t have enough of this pale blue colour to finish the blanket. To remedy that I’ve started knitting an intarsia heart into the middle of it and though I’m not sure if that will work either, it’s worth a try.

This blanket isn’t from a pattern. I’m knitting it how it wants to come out with little input from my rational mind, though I regularly get co-worker’s opinions. One co-worker likes it so much she wants me to write up the pattern so that’s promising.

The thought of seeing this wrapped around my future nephew like a hug I can’t give him is the best thing ever. Who cares if it’s acrylic?


15 thoughts on “A Place for Acrylic

  1. I agree fully! As much as I prefer to knit with natural fibres, it breaks my heart when I find out that a precious gift has been felted because its recipient didn’t know how to wash it properly. Particularly with baby and children’s items that are going to get really dirty really often, why cause parents the hassle of hand washing?


    1. It’s very true. As much as I would love to knit soft woolen blankets for kids it’s just not worth it. The kids will get them dirty and the parents don’t want to faff about handwashing them!


  2. Ignore the yarn snobs- acrylic is perfectly okay. In fact- it is my yarn of choice for my family and most of my friends. See- I know they don’t want to have to deal with anything that must be handwashed or drycleaned. It’s just a hassle when you can’t just throw it in the machine with everything else and go. At least it’s not 60’s era acrylic. That stuff was worse than the scratchiest of wool…


    1. Yeah, what’s the point of knitting with posh yarns when it’s just going to be a problem for the giftee? That negates the point of knitting for someone. It’s meant to be a pleasure for them.

      I have some seriously old acrylic and it is awful.

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  3. I must say that I use a lot of acrylic yarns. I do like to use other yarns but making sure the kids have what they need comes first. I can shop online at Hobby Lobby and buy enough yarn to keep me busy for almost a year for around $200.00 US money. As a crafty Mom I would never knit anything for a child that couldn’t be ran through the wash a couple times a week. Kids are wonderful and yet amazingly discussing and dirty at the same time. I can’t wait to see pictures.


  4. Reblogged this on Pacione's Passions and commented:
    Although acrylic yarns are not the fanciest yarns available I actually do use them quite often, or at least blended versions of acrylic yarns. I think they are over looked to be honest. Acrylic is lovely due to its durability in washing machines, allergy friendly, and quite soft to touch.
    Take a look at what The Knitter Nerd has to say about acrylic yarns.

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  5. I almost exclusively use acrylic right now because I’m on a graduate student budget. There are some lovely, soft yarns made from acrylic, and even the not-so-soft ones have a comforting “scratch” to them. I’d like to experiment with more natural fibers in the future, but for now, I’m just happy with the knitting process!


    1. Exactly! Acrylic is wonderful if you have a low budget for yarn-based fun, and I knitted with it even more when I was a beginner. It can be quite nice sometimes.


  6. Due to lack of funds I knit with whatever I can pick up cheapest, I’ve had some lovely nature fibres from car boot sales and charity shops but usually it’s acrylic or nothing – and nothing just isn’t an option!


  7. What’s even cooler with the ‘low budget’ is I have found out how to dye acrylic yarn to make it any ole color I want…still perfecting the process but each time I do it gets less and less scrunchy and easier to use. I have some drying now that I think will be worked up rather wonderfully 🙂

    PS…Acrylic paint + water prayed on acrylic yarn = whatever kind of lovely color you desire 🙂


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