In Pursuit of Distraction

I’ve got a good thing going at work these days.

Earlier I mentioned that I have been crocheting covers for the chair’s armrests at work since they’re a little bedraggled. My chair is bright and cheerful in green and yellow acrylic (complete with a little flower) and it’s catching on.

First a co-worker crocheted her own for one of her arm-rests. Then people started asking me to make them for their chairs.

However much I like my co-workers, I don’t mass-produce even these things for free. As a result I’m getting a cup of coffee and a snack for every arm-cover that I make. It’s great. I drink a cup of decaff every morning (and quite often another later in the day) and it is how I let my brain know to get going, even if I can’t drink the caffeine. The snack is just a bonus.

So far I’ve finished two other sets and I’m about to start a third. It’s a great way to get the hang of new stitches and to play around with patterns. I’ve figured out a way to crochet it so it stays on itself without having to crouch on the floor and tie it on.

I love crochet for how adaptable it is. Even more, I love it for how many free coffees it’s getting me!


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