Some days I am bored. Those days I am prone to starting new projects which generally means rooting around in my yarn stash for a while, but sometimes means going to the interwebs for some other ideas.

kwafeeThe other day I had one such moment and decided to try making cold brew coffee.

As a child I always enjoyed watching people make coffee. Whether it was a cafetiere, a French Press, or an espresso machine, I found the process fascinating. Maybe it was because I grew up in a tea-brewing family who generally did not touch coffee or maybe it was because I’ve always had a thing for any kind of comforting ritual.

Since I’m now a Grown Up™, I thought I may as well try out buying my own coffee-making device, especially since I can’t drink caffeine in that amount and worry about Tim Horton’s giving me normal instead of decaff. It’s happened.

I bought a French Press and a nice fancy grinder that I may marry in an elaborate wedding ceremony. It makes me feel fancy and good at adulting to have a coffee in the morning, even if it’s not for energy like many people use it.

Using the grinder I made some coarse brown mush with cold water, put it in a mason jar previously filled with my girlfriend’s mum’s delicious tomatoes, and put it in the fridge overnight.

Man, it was delicious.

Now, I don’t have a proper filter since I use a French Press, so I couldn’t filter it well enough. I’m going to try again once I buy some filters (or cut up an old t-shirt) but for now I highly recommend trying this.

Next up: cold brew tea!


8 thoughts on “Kwaffee

    1. I just drink it black, but I guess you could put sugar in if you put it in at the start. I’m not sure how milk would work, but I’m sure it would be fine – I generally drink my coffee black anyway.


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