An Intense but Fleeting Love Affair

Isn’t it strange?

One day I was knitting away with the gold and pale purple cotton/alpaca/wool mix and absolutely loving it. I could not get enough. I knitted it all day then went home and carried on while watching Daredevil at home.

It was the linen stitch. I love it and hadn’t played with it for a while; the yarn fitted it so well I couldn’t stop.

And then I finished it, cast off, and held it out in front of me.

Nah, I said. I don’t really like this.


It’s not that it’s not pretty. It is! I love it! And it’s soft and unusual and just what I had in mind when I cast on. Yet it’s not me. I don’t wear these colours yet continually pick yarns in these shades or similar – I have a shawl at work I use when I’m cold that’s a paler version of these colours. It does not suit me, but it’s work so I don’t care.

I’m not sure what to do with this cowl. I’m considering giving it away on here to someone who likes it – maybe even having a contest or something to celebrate hitting 1,000 email followers (something coming very soon). Maybe I’ll just find someone I know who loves it and throw it at them.

For now it’s at Martina’s as a sample for the yarn and maybe that’s where it’ll stay instead.


6 thoughts on “An Intense but Fleeting Love Affair

  1. Not really my cup of tea personally, but I’m sure this project is waiting for someone special! But it may take a while…maybe out it in a ‘present drawer’ for a while?


  2. It’s an unusual combination of colors–funny that you’re drawn to it but don’t wear the colors. But I do this all the time–I have an actual college degree in jewelry making but I don’t wear jewelry at all. What’s up with that?

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