Plenty of Plants

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in Canadialand, so we took my partner’s mum to a plant store and bought her things.

Okay, okay. That’s only half the story. We also bought ourselves things, such as six herbs and an awesome planter with space for all of them. We also got a new air plant after the old one died of red dye (from the moss that came with it) which hangs in a little glass bauble above the sink.

You see, we have a problem, or at least my partner does. She’s prone to buying All The Plants. Spring may be the time I crack out the cotton but for her, it’s the time we make trips to buy anything green and growing. I can’t keep them alive so it’s my job to look at them and appreciate, preferably without touching them.


I am happy to admire these from afar, especially as I will also be eating some of them. Yum. I also got some lavender because it is the best of smells. If/when it flowers I may dry some out and make lavender bags with it because I remember those being so comforting when I was a stressed out child with all sorts of nightmares. I sleep easier these days but it wouldn’t hurt.

We’re going to have to make the spare room into a plant and yarn room where cats fear to tread. It’s the only way to keep all of these plants and all of my WIPs safe from them.


9 thoughts on “Plenty of Plants

  1. Beautiful plants 🙂 I have a similar problem, but I try and grow seeds from scratch and then remember too late that I don’t have green fingers … poor seedlings start off so well and then there’s no explanation to what happens. Maybe I should skip the seeds and go straight for the plants! Hope yours survive into the summer.


    1. I don’t think I could keep seeds alive. Actually, I know I couldn’t. I once managed to keep a rose bush alive for about a year but that’s as far as my talent goes! Thank you 🙂


  2. If you make a special room where the cats aren’t allowed, it will be the ONLY place they want to be. And they can be diabolical . . . as I’m sure you know!


    1. Yep, they’re evil demons in fluffy form. Luckily our doors are hard to open even when you are a tall ape-like creature with a disappointing lack of tail.


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