The Story Behind the Sontag and My Sontag Frustrations

This is a wonderful post about the story behind the Sontag, a kind of shawl/wrap. Lisa’s a friend of mine I met at a knit night, and she knows her stuff. If you’re interested in the history of knitting you should read this.

In The Rounds

Okay, I’m going to say it… for a historian, someone who is passionate about history and the preservation and promotion of history, I thoroughly dislike historic knitting patterns.  Maybe this isn’t fair; I’ve worked with exactly two ‘vintage’ patterns, but both have been less than straight forward.  Both, however, have given me the chance to do some reading and research into the history of these patterns, and the history geek in me has loved every second of it!

The first pattern I made was a World War I sock, based off a pattern I found in a local newspaper in 1916.  It was the second pair of socks I made, and the directions were clearly meant for someone who was not a sock novice.  Instructions for the heel flap and the foot gusset were lacking, and I had to rely on common sense and my knitting circle friends for advice!  Newspapers…

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One thought on “The Story Behind the Sontag and My Sontag Frustrations

  1. Love the history you’ve found on the sontag. I love to look through old patterns… not tried to make one just yet. But this has definitely inspired me to look for more old books and give it a try.

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