That’s a lot of people. Stage-fright imminent.

When I was fifteen I won my school’s “Dedication to Music” award. This would be the one they gave to people who were not the most talented in the group (though not the worst, either), but who were really enthusiastic about it. I went to every singing group/lesson I could once I discovered people didn’t grimace when I warbled and it was a brilliant escape from my less-than-stellar social life at school.

At the end of year ceremony I was asked to sing in front of a group of parents before I accepted the award. I’d sung in public plenty of times by this point but it was always as part of a group – this time I would be in a duet. As I looked out into the sea of about a hundred faces (our school was not large), I almost wimped out. That’s a lot of people, I thought.

It’s nothing on the alert I got last night through this blog.


I knew it was coming but wow, it skipped past me fast. One thousand people. One thousand! And that’s not including people who follow me on Twitter that WordPress handily (and rather sneakily) includes in my public figure.

That’s a lot of people.

I’ve been writing The Knitter Nerd for about five years now, though I’ve only taken it seriously in the last two. It’s been a wonderful outlet for me and a way to discover so many other knitters far more talented than me, and to talk to many of them. You all inspire me to do more.

So thank you to my followers. I’m glad you’re here; you make me feel slightly less like we’re all shouting into the dark.


10 thoughts on “That’s a lot of people. Stage-fright imminent.

  1. That’s amazing! First off I wanted to say congrats! Second I wanted to ask if you might be interested in following me? I’m new on here and would love to kick that feeling of “screaming in the dark”!


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