I’m Just Really Bored of My Projects

Sometimes I am so intense about my projects that I can’t focus on anything else. Sometimes I’m only excited at a normal human level without risk of brain implosion, and those are the best times because I can still function.

But sometimes I look at my projects and all I can think is ‘meh’.

At the moment (as ever) I have roughly eleventy thousand projects on the needles. I have no idea of the precise number or what they are because I flit between them all the time. Some people like to focus on one project at a time and that’s great if it works for you! Yet beyond the occasional exception, it isn’t the way I work.

My little sister is giving birth in about ten weeks to another boy. I am most of the way through a blanket for him (meh) and about halfway through a cardigan for him (meh). These are the two projects I’m working on most often because babies tend to come to a schedule, give or take a week. I need to get these sent off as soon as possible.

Yet… I just… it’s so boring. I can’t take it any more. I want to knit socks. I want to knit all the socks.

To avoid this burn out I’ve put both the projects aside and I’m crocheting a bib for him out of some leftover yarn. It’s not at all functional but decorative is okay at this point, and it may end up having an elephant on it because why not?

How do you avoid burn out on important projects?


19 thoughts on “I’m Just Really Bored of My Projects

  1. I know that feeling. I’ve started to knit a sweater but I can’t finish it. It’s on my needle but… I don’t know, I just don’t want to make the effort to finish it. And… Well, I knit socks instead, so I understand that.

    Bu the way, I am sorry for my poor English, I practice it at college but I don’t know how to express myself properly.


    1. You express yourself very well! No need to apologise.
      As for the sweater, I know how that feels. I have a top on the needles that I have completely abandoned. Very strange!


  2. I usually switch to something else. I need to finish the blanket for my father-in-law (for Father’s Day), but I’m far more interested in this colorwork hat I’m knitting. So I go back and forth. Knit til I can’t stand it on the blanket, then switch to the hat. Knit a row or two on the hat, then guilt myself into switching back to the blanket. When I can’t stand either- I walk away and grab a piece of cake. 😀

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  3. I bribe myself with treats for making progress. eg I bought some new nail polish so when I get to the next section of the pattern I am working on I have earned a break which I will use to give myself a manicure and try out the new polish. It’s sitting in front of me looking tempting so it makes a good incentive.

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  4. I know only to well how you feel..I’ve really pushed myself to finish an ‘unloved project’ I’ve hated just about every moment of it and now I’ve lost my crafting mojo completely, I’m sure a browse through Ravelry or Pinterest will soon sort that out LOL


  5. I like to block time out. 1 hour a day on a project I don’t like and then I work on something else. 1 hour a day adds up faster than being mad at it and sticking it in the closet for months. I do like the idea of grabbing a piece of cake instead. 🙂

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  6. I usually try to remind myself who I am making a creation for and how the other person is going to feel about it. If that doesn’t guilt me into knitting the rest of the project, I turn on a good movie and tell myself I get to watch the movie as long as I knit the project for them. Usually by the end of the movie, I feel good about both the movie and the project!


    1. For things with a deadline that’s a great idea. Maybe I should allow my socks to be day-off projects and knit the boring crap at work.


  7. I feel you too.

    I’ve been sitting on three commissions for four months now. I am excited about them in a way (also excited, because $$), but I’ve been feeling so ‘meh’ about them! What motivates me is presenting it to them and them loving it, and of course, the money.

    I also have a portfolio of personal projects that I started and went full-speed ahead on, only to halt and put down in excitement of something else. Those I really have no motivating factor to complete.

    To jumpstart personal projects I’ve lost interest in and let lay around for awhile, I will usually tell myself to thread one length of floss (I don’t knit; I embroider…) and just commit to that. After I work the one length of floss, I usually want to continue… for a bit.

    I take pictures of my progress and post on instagram/facebook every so often. The “likes” and comments give me a little boost to do more work.

    I also try to set goals for my commissioned pieces, but those usually don’t get met. 🙂

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