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Turns Out I Just Wanted Socks.

Why is this surprising to me (or anyone)?

At my LYS last Thursday I browsed the shelves looking for inspiration and I came across a couple of interesting skeins of yarn. I gawped, I bounced, and I purchased them immediately. She’s moving buildings in a few weeks so there was the added fun of getting it at a discount.

To no one’s shock it’s sock yarn. Did I just… forget that I live for socks? That socks are the happiest of all knitting? That there’s nothing like churning out a vanilla sock in a few days?


It’s Opal Sockenwolle Handgefärbt which is a lot of fun to say – though my senior school German is probably lacking on the pronunciation front. The Australien skein (top) had a lovely chunk of purple snuggled in the middle and I couldn’t resist it. The Afrika one is more muted and less busy. Both have that satisfying soft scratchiness that all the best sock yarns should have.

Since Martina was busy I wound both up before I’d even paid for them and cast on with the Australien one.


One of the best things about sock yarn is how the colours look so different in the skein than in the cake, and then different again in the sock. To my surprise the Australien colourway spirals when you knit with it. It’s clown barf for sure but it’s muted, fun clown-barf so I enjoy it thoroughly.

Yesterday was a day off so after heading to the farmer’s market and hanging with a good friend I settled down to watch some Green Wing and knit the sock while doing big belly laughs at their ridiculous antics. With 2.75mm needles I’m making quick progress. As of this morning I’m already finished with the heel flap and ready to turn it.

After the all-encompassing lethargy and apathy of the last week this is so much fun. Turns out my knitting funks don’t last very long at all.


21 thoughts on “Turns Out I Just Wanted Socks.

        1. Sure! I mean, it has everything you need to know, and none of it in huge intimidating measures: knit, purl, decreases and short rows. If you find a good pattern and teach yourself to knit and purl on a swatch first I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Especially if you use thick yarn so it moves fast.

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