Baby Booties

My nephew is due to be born next month.

I already have one of them – and a little niece, too. Both of those have been treated to my knitting and crochet obsession at times, but this is the first time a baby has been born in my immediate family since I started to knit. The others were already about six months old when I started. My sister is going to get a package with a baby blanket and about five hundred pairs of baby booties at this rate.

The first one I made was super cute but far too small for humans of any age, unless I could figure out how to get them in-vitro. I don’t know how I manage to make booties so small – I follow the patterns and yarns and needles and yet they come out miniscule.

So now I’m using my own guess-this-sort-of-looks-right numbers for the pattern I found and it’s working out great when I can remember how much I cast on for the next bootie.

I should really take notes.


The best thing about sock knitting (apart from everything about sock knitting ever) is that there’s usually a little yarn left over, unless you’re one of those people who casts on two-at-a-time toe-up so you can use every single scrap of yarn. (I am not that people.) I like using the leftovers for my weird, slowly emerging blanket I’m making at work but this time the scraps are being used for baby booties and that’s just as fun.

I won’t get to meet my little nephew for quite some time seeing as he’s being born on a different continent. The best I can do is make sure he has warm feet when he makes his first appearance. That’s what knitter aunties are for, isn’t it?


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