The Birth of a Yarn Store

Next month my LYS is moving to a new store around the corner from the other one. This is a strange change for how used to the old place we are, but change can be a great thing. Shaking stuff up is exciting.

Sunday morning my friend and I put on our shabbiest clothes, picked up a coffee from Tim Horton’s, and went to help paint the new place. It’s being done in this gorgeous happy shade of green that is fitting since it’s The Little Green House (Kniterary/Hedgehog Stitchery). I’ve never painted a wall before but it turns out it’s a lot of fun, if a little tiring.


Not pictured: many knitters covered in bright green paint with handfuls of muffins.

I’ve said before that I think the sense of community you get with knitting is the best thing about it – beyond the soft fibres and the pretty colours of course! Being a knitter means you get a free pass into the world of friendly folk who will always be there for a chat and a hug. I love other knitters as much as I love knitting.


Though my friend and I could only stay for an hour or two we still saw a lot of improvement from when we arrived. It was great. It’s going to look amazing when it’s done.

To paint I’d worn a baggy Iron Man t-shirt with black leggings that have faded too much to be useful and an old skirt I used to wear to work all the time but now was splitting up the seam. I could sew it up, but instead I let it go in style by covering it in green paint.

I also wore my newest hand-knit socks which was fun. Sure, I got a little green paint on the soles but that just adds character to them. I’ve never been particularly precious about my hand-knits.

That means I finally got photos of them which occurred to me to do while I was taking the above pictures.


They fit very well and are almost exactly the same length. One is about a centimetre longer but I can deal with that. They wash well and the colours are awesome. Best thing? They’re super comfy and come up just above my Doc Martens which is exactly how I wanted it.

And here’s a picture of them in action.



14 thoughts on “The Birth of a Yarn Store

  1. Wow you certainly are entering an exciting chapter of your life, congratulations on your new store, and when you are ready to share the story of how you ended up with paint on your butt I’ll be waiting LOL


    1. Thanks! I mean, I’d love to claim that the store is mine but it’s not, it’s Martina’s. I just work there once every few months. But it’s mine in that I love it!


  2. I love the socks! And they look all the better with green paint on them… not that i can see the paint among all those awesome colours 🙂


  3. Knitters are the nicest people ever! As I wade into the world of knitting, I encounter all sorts of folks willing to offer help and advice, and seeing you help your yarn store relocate just makes me even more excited I’ve started knitting 😀


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