A Year Already!

A year ago today I moved to Canada. A year ago today I picked up everything I owned (or at least everything I hadn’t given or thrown away) and stepped onto a plane to take me out of my country of birth and across the pond. I had two suitcases – one big, one small – and had sent a few packages of comics and yarn ahead of me, and that was all. With years of hardship and angst trying to get my Permanent Residency all disappearing into the aether I finally made it to the place I love to be with the person I love. Permanently.

This day has been coming for a while and I have been thinking about it a lot. So much has changed in that year and in the years that lead up to it that I barely feel like the same person. Before I left the UK I did some serious realignment of my brain in the form of some excellent behavioural therapy so coming to Canada with that leg-up made everything a lot easier. It’s hard enough emigrating; imagine trying to do that with the pressure of OCD on top of it. My mind is ninety percent free from that bullshit now and the world is a lot easier to navigate.

My knitting skill has come in leaps and bounds too. I remember last time I was in Canada back in 2012 I cast on a Damask shawl twice and failed both times; I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Yet when I cast on the same shawl on Tuesday with some yarn I bought days before leaving the UK, it seemed simple. I’ve already finished the border.

There are things I miss about the UK. Most of it is chocolate but also the family I left behind (those I still have contact with) and the friends I miss. I know Canada is the place I’m happiest but there are still memories and people I cherish and think about a lot.

All in all moving to Canada was the best decision I ever made and now that I can stay forever it’s been a thrill to start putting down some real roots and making plans for the future, something that was stunted when I was still in England. It’s an exciting feeling.


15 thoughts on “A Year Already!

  1. What an adventure you are living, isn’t it strange ..the right person, time & place and suddenly everything falls into place, congratulations on your journey so far and long may it continue 🙂


  2. Good for you! And I am also happy for you, it works out so well! We moved around quite a lot and then emigrated to Canada and then to the USA. I was always happy but I also know what you are talking about when it comes to the PAPERWORK and all the nerves that comes with it. you derserve a big pat on the shoulder and an extra hug for taking your life in your hands and do what feels right!! xo Johanna

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  3. Sounds as if it’s all working out really well. Great to hear you’re on top of the OCD and your knitting’s coming on leaps and bounds. As for chocolate – I’d definitely miss that.


  4. Although we are not in the same country, we technically ARE neighghbors now 😜 I hope you are doing well and the knitting is coming along well 😁 I haven’t tried knitting yet; love crochet though.


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