The Road to Manitoulin

As we speak (or as I type) we are on our way to Manitoulin Island. It’s the world’s largest freshwater island and on that island, there are lakes. On one of this inner-island lakes is a cabin waiting for us to descend upon it with two cars full to the brim. Six people and a dog will coexist in the peaceful surroundings for an entire week.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Choosing what knitting to bring was, as ever, difficult. I wanted to fill a whole bag with all the yarn and roll around in it but apparently the done thing is to bring some clothes too. Who knew.

My sister is popping out her second sprog any day now so I brought the blanket I’m knitting for him.


It is more grey than that picture suggests.

I also brought along a skein of sock yarn and my Frida Kahlo thing that I posted about earlier this week (I would link but I’m posting this from my rather lo-tech Blackberry).

The ride so far is super pretty. Ontario is largely unexplored for me; I’ve spent ninety-nine percent of my time tucked up within ten miles of the lake. That is shameful. I am amending it with friends and family as we speak.



10 thoughts on “The Road to Manitoulin

    1. I highly recommend it if you like driving because everything is very far away from each other. That said, it’s gorgeous and the lakes are beautiful.


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