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Manitoulin Adventures: Part One

Though I’ve lived in Ontario for over a year now (and over two years in total if you count the last time), I haven’t seen that much of it. Honestly, I’ve stuck pretty close to Lake Ontario and I’m ashamed of that fact. This province is huge and there’s a lot to explore. Given the chance, I jumped at the thought of a week on Manitoulin island which is further north than I’ve been in Ontario and it looked like a promising place to go.

That all went a little tits up once we got there but in the meantime, let’s talk about the journey.

My friend and her husband drove since I don’t, and my girlfriend and her parents (and the dog) went in another car. It was difficult to get all of our stuff into the two small cars, especially since we were insistent on bringing a couple of board games, yarn, a floaty thing for the water – you know, the essentials. Somehow we managed it and off we trotted down some of the most beautiful roads I’ve seen.

Ontario is beautiful. It was the kind of beauty I took in with my eyes, not my camera – the only pictures I took on that journey are in my last post, minus the photos of the strange concave cloud that looked creepy from far away but like a human vulva when we were underneath it.

No, I’m not sharing the picture of the vulva cloud, even if it was hilarious.

Once we reached Tobermory we waited around in the sunshine for our ferry onto the island. It’s called ‘Chi-Chimaun’ which means ‘big canoe’ in Ojibwe. They had amazing food and a local guy from the M’Chigeeng First Nation who did a little talk on his culture that was awesome.


The ship was one that opens at the front to let you drive in which I’ve always found kind of hilarious. They don’t look as though they should float, yet it did just fine on getting us onto the island.

It was my dog’s first time on the ship and Van was fascinated by the movement. He kept staring at random things as though they were the weirdest thing ever, but he adjusted quickly and made sure to step in every puddle he could find. It was a sheer pleasure having the dog in tow as he’s a good boy and makes everything more fun.


At this point in the story I was convinced it would be the most relaxing week ever. We were going to a beautiful place where no doubt I would have plenty of time to sit on the lake whilst knitting, surrounded by good people and bottles of beer. Though eventually that is what I got, there was a shaky bit at the start. I’ll write about that later.


5 thoughts on “Manitoulin Adventures: Part One

  1. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of this story! There is no shame in not seeing a lot of Ontario. It’s massive. And you have time 🙂


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