Manitoulin Adventures: Part Two

After arriving on the island we drove for nearly an hour around the many lakes to get to our destination, a gorgeous cabin by the lake that came with a row-boat for us to use and was roomy enough for all six of us (and the dog).

Yet as we pulled up to the office our hearts sank at the confusion on the owner’s face, and we soon found out she had double-booked and the others had already moved into the cabin. That left us bereft without anywhere to sleep and little chance of finding a place at such short notice, so we were angry. It was not good.

The lady plied us with beer while she tried to find us accommodation but what she came up with was a trailer park. Um, no. There’s nothing wrong with that but we did not plan for it and we travelled all day with starry eyes at the thought of a cabin by the lake, and that’s what we were going to get.

Fortunately my girlfriend is superwoman and she got us a cabin on the other side of Kagawong Lake that had unexpectedly been freed up and had enough space for us all. They even didn’t mind dogs!

It was half the price of the cabin we wanted and it was… a little old and grimy, but it was fine. It kept us warm and safe when we half-thought we’d be sleeping in our cars, so I loved it right away, even though the floor was so slanted you felt drunk walking across it.


Yes, it was a strange building. Yes, the door slammed every time you forgot to gently press it. Yes, there were bugs in our toiletries. But did I care about that? No. We were surrounded by beauty on a quiet island and even though we were all exhausted with tensions high, I had a lot of hope the week would get better after that.

Sometimes my optimism gets the better of me but why would it not when this was the view from our porch?


I know I said in my last post that I’d be talking about the yarn I bought but I just… can’t. I can’t post the pictures yet because they happened at the end of the trip and I need this to be in order.

Suffice to say that I spent a lot of hours on the first morning sitting on the chair looking out on the dock, knitting the blanket for my nearly-born nephew and life was good.

Unfortunately, Manitoulin was not set to be a purely relaxing vacation.


11 thoughts on “Manitoulin Adventures: Part Two

  1. That’s awful about the cabin not being available! And I’m interested in the suspense you’re building at the end of the post . . . waiting to see what happens next!


  2. Great view! I can imagine a crisp cool morning, knitting there with a mug of coffee. I’ve been the recipient of dashed hopes upon arriving at your destination. Not fun. I hope you were able to make the best of it and enjoy it.


    1. It was wonderful in the mornings, except that one day where it was so windy it knocked over all the chairs. We did make the best of it after the first couple of disasters 🙂

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  3. I am glad that you found a place by the lake to stay – horrible that the cabin was double booked (and that you didn’t; get there first!) but it seems like the start to a real adventure.


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