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Five Ways to Do The Thing – General Knitting Edition

Okay. You’ve got yourself some needles and some yarn. You’re all set, right? You can get yourself knitting in no time at all, except now you’ve cast on you don’t know where to go from there. Or worse, you’re most of the way through your project and you have no idea what to do next. Oh, man. This is some hard stuff.

Thankfully you don’t have to start screaming into the void because there is good news: you are on the interwebs! I know this to be true, because the chances are you are reading this from a screen rather than directly from my mind. If you’re doing the latter, sorry about all the Robert Downey Jr. stuff floating around in my grey matter. He’s kind of a big deal.


Here are some places I go when I’m stuck on the whole knitting thing with a brief explanation of why they’re so useful. Please let me know about your favourites if I’ve missed any – we could all stand to learn some more hints and tricks, right?

How To Do The Thing

  1. YouTubeOkay, okay. Predictable start. But seriously guys, this is like having a knitting teacher who doesn’t get frustrated when you ask her to show you the purl stitch for the twentieth time in a row. It’s like magic. Whenever I don’t know a stitch, this is my first stop. And there are so many awesome YouTubers helping us out!
  2. Knitty. Yes, they do some awesome patterns but that’s not all. If you need to crack out the kitchener and can’t remember how to start, Knitty has a great post on that (and many other awesome things).
  3. Ravelry. This should probably be first in line. If you can’t find an answer for something online, head over to the Ravelry forums and find a thousand useful answers for your troubles and woes. Plus, awesome people and awesome fun!
  4. TECHknitting. So you’ve got the basics down and now you want to figure out the fun fiddly bits. Perfect! Hop on over to TECHknitting where your mind will be blown and you’ll feel like a genius in no time. It hasn’t been updated in a long while but the archives are fabulous.
  5. Knitting Fool. I would argue that beyond Youtube this has been my most useful site. The stitch galleries mean I can get a taste for all the things that are possible, and was what originally prompted me to be daring and try knitting something without a pattern. Excellent site.

Yay! Five ways to do the thing, knitting edition, should help you on your way to a more comprehensive knitting ability. It helped me, anyway, and what’s the internet for if not sharing our knowledge?

Oh… it’s for porn? I’ve got it so wrong all this time.


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