Help Me Level Up The Knitter Nerd

So! I started a Kickstarter to raise enough dosh to upgrade the blog for a year, and to buy a USB mic for the podcast.

It’s here!

If you feel like pledging even a dollar you have no idea how much that would help. After all, it’s only $200. We could raise that easily with your help. It won’t fully cover the costs, but it will be close enough that I can fund the rest (and I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations).

The Knitter Nerd is my haven. I love this blog. I love writing, I love reading other people’s entries, I love comments and commenting on others. I love the sense of community and affection you find in the knitting blog world, but my blog is stuck in a rut. I can’t design it how I want it and I know there are ads over it which makes me sad. WordPress offers an upgrade to fix all these problems but it is more than I can do right now, hence asking for help.

As for the microphone: you see, my other mic only works on my old laptop which will no longer turn on and I’m sad I don’t get to start it after all this planning. Yet a microphone is out of my budget.

$200 may not seem like much but it is the world to me when it comes to this blog. If you can spare a dollar, I’ll be grateful beyond belief. If you can spare more, check out the page for the rewards you can get. We can even do a podcast together, and you can get a permanent ad on my site.

If you want to support this in ways other than a pledge, sharing this would make the world of difference.

Thank you!

Check it out here.


Wow. Wow. …wow. As of typing I’m at $260 in pledges from you awesome folk. My mind is blown. Stay tuned for further plans.


19 thoughts on “Help Me Level Up The Knitter Nerd

  1. When payday comes I should be able to help you out. It won’t be anything massive but every little adds up πŸ™‚ Good luck with getting your upgrade and microphone πŸ˜‰ xx


    1. Oh ❀ Thank you so much! You are awesome. I'll be in touch about the reward if/when it's funded πŸ™‚ Though since I'm on day one and I'm more than 50% there, I think we're safe!


  2. I wish you well on your endeavors. I blog for the love of it and would never have thought about asking for funding, but of course that’s just me. Best of luck.


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