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Gosh. (A Kickstarter Update.)

Yesterday I posted about my Kickstarter to upgrade The Knitter Nerd with the hopes that I might get a donation here and there and eventually hit the $200 by September, which would be a lovely thing just days before my birthday. I could upgrade my blog, buy a decent USB microphone for a podcast, and celebrate heartily.

Then I checked back a few hours later to see it was almost completely funded. Another couple of hours and it was 110% funded in under twenty-four hours.

I’m still in shock.

Since there have been quite a few donations since then I’ve decided to make a stretch goal of $600 which would give me enough to buy a desk for the spare room where I can write and do my podcasts, since right now I lounge in the corner of a not-too-comfortable couch covered in felines. Having a dedicated area to write and record would make a world of difference.

If you still want to help out, check out the rewards here.

You can:

  1. Get a thank-you on the blog ($1)
  2. Get a temporary link on the blog with your thanks ($5)
  3. Feature your store/site on the blog ($10)
  4. Get the above plus a knitting-related gift and a card ($20)
  5. Get a small knitted gift (like a hat) and all the above ($50)
  6. Join me in a Skype-based podcast ($50)
  7. Get a pair of socks of your choice ($100)

As it stands, I’m going to buy this microphone, a step up from the one I was planning on originally since I’m already funded for it. Anything past this point is an enormous bonus so I wouldn’t cry if I did not get a single dollar more between now and September, but it’s worth a shot since I know so many generous folk.

For those of you that pledged: thank you. I will contact you about the gifts and such once the Kickstarter closes. I’m already excited for it.

The Knitter Nerd is going places. Thanks for joining me with that.


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