Tiny, tiny shoes for tiny, tiny feets

My sister had a baby three weeks ago. His name is Tommy and he is about 90% chubby cheek, and all I want in the world is to go back to England and kiss him. That will have to wait until next year so in the meantime I’m working on a few gifts for him to send over.

I’m about three-quarters of the way through a blanket for him which is boring but pretty; it’s a chevron blanket in grey and white, and I haven’t touched it in about four days. To avoid knitting it I knitted some tiny Converse (click for pattern) in matching colours since they are a quick and satisfying pattern and they are not the blanket.

Tiny, tiny shoes.
Tiny, tiny shoes.

On top of that I’m knitting him a cardigan with lots of cables out of some beautiful cashmerino yarn. He is a tiny thing so I’m knitting it large enough that he can still fit into it next year when I visit, because what’s better than a squishy baby covered in a cashmerino fabric?

I feel I should add here that I’m the least maternal person you can imagine and in general I cannot be around kids for more than an hour or two without needing to scream and/or nap whilst simultaneously removing my ovaries (just in case). That said, I turn into a raging cuddle-fiend at the sight of my niece and nephews. I guess it must be genetics or something because no other small humans give me the same reaction.


I started the cardigan at work then knitting some more when meeting up for coffee with the very lovely Mo in a very lovely cafe that does a mean cappuccino. It’s easy knitting but it’s mindless and I’m already cheating on it with something more interesting, but the point is that one day my nephew will finally receive a knitted thing from me.

One day. I SWEAR I will send it before he hits puberty.


A little note: I am currently running a Kickstarter to level up this blog, and it’s at $455. My original target was $200 and that was smashed in a day – thank you so much everyone! Now my stretch goal is $600 which would buy me a desk for my writing so I can have a quiet, mostly organised space for this blog and for podcasting. 

If you want a permanent ad on my site, a pair of socks handknitted by moi, or any of the other rewards, check out the Kickstarter and help me out. It is totally my birthday next month. Just sayin’.


11 thoughts on “Tiny, tiny shoes for tiny, tiny feets

  1. Loving the tiny Converse in those colours. I knitted a similar pair from a pattern last year. The yarn and pattern were free with my knitting magazine. So glad you reached and breached your kickstarter total and hoping that you hit the new target. Shared again on my Facebook 🙂

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  2. I have huge feet 🙂 Your booties are cool though 🙂 I wish I could knit as well, but I only do basic stuff- like a scarf- which is why I’ve never done knits for my DIY blog only jewellery, accessories, home decor, fashion and beauty 🙂 Oh and paper craft. haha ok quite a list already 😛


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