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For the Love of a Book

I’ve probably told you this before but when I was a child, I hugged books in bed. I had my teddy, sure, but the books had an important place in my life and that has never changed.

My Dad can take the blame. When I moved in with him it was a struggle to navigate the narrow hallway between all the bookcases and piles of books that didn’t fit on the many bookcases. When I was a child and I lived with my Mum, Dad used to take me out to the fancy bookshop in Dorchester (well, it seemed fancy then) or to the second-hand and antique bookshop in Weymouth to treat me to whatever I felt like reading.

When I was ten he took me to buy a new book that everyone was talking about called ‘Harry Potter’.

"Harry Potter English Australian Series" by B.Davis2003 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
“Harry Potter English Australian Series” by B.Davis2003 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I was not convinced. Standing at the bus stop by the brewery with my head between the pages, I emerged when the bus arrived and complained that the title was very misleading; the first few pages had been about some baby called Dudley. Yet Dad insisted I would like it so I kept going, leading to a cascading series of events that resulted in a completely ruined 11th birthday where I did not, through some administrative error, receive an owl inviting me to Hogwarts.


I grew up with Harry Potter. I was the same age as him until the last few books thanks to the occasional delay. When the final book came out I quit my crappy cleaning job because they wouldn’t give me the morning off, read the whole book in one sitting, and then… never picked it up again.

About three weeks ago the craving came. Yes, it took years, but since that day I’ve read nearly all of the series. I’m near the end of Half-Blood Prince and enjoying myself more than I remember. I love those characters and the world they inhabit. I love J. K. Rowling for writing a book that helped me shape my understanding of the world and the people around me.

Maybe I should knit myself a Ravenclaw scarf.

This is mostly a post to say that books are a huge part of my life and they will be a bigger part of this blog from now on. I’ve been reviewing Advanced Review Copies of books for a while and this blog will be my platform. I read a lot, but at most I’ll post a review once a week.

Consider that forewarning while I go find myself the yarn to cast on a Ravenclaw thingy.


21 thoughts on “For the Love of a Book

  1. Greetings 🙂
    I was signing out from my account, when I spotted the thumnail picture of your post-Harry Potter.
    Enjoyed learning how much books mean to you! And really, knitting a HP scarf is a fantastic idea. In fact, you should send one to me too ;D


  2. Wow! Your Harry Potter books look a lot different than the US version 🙂 I also loved the series. When we moved last year, I had to get rid of a majority of my obsession; however, Harry Potter made the cut. Great post!


    1. I love the UK versions of the books, they’re so bright. I don’t know what they look like here in North America. I’m glad HP made your cut; I have no idea where my physical copies are and I had to get them all on my Kindle instead. They’re in England somewhere still.

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      1. The Canadian versions and English versions are the same, I believe. The American editions are different. And they renamed the first book as the “sorcerer’s stone”.


  3. Scanning through my blog feed I saw the image of the HP book spines and I automatically clicked on it. They were such a huge part of my childhood/adolescence. I re-read them every year and I think I will start again tomorrow!!
    P.s. pretty sure I would be in Ravenclaw too.


  4. my obsession started when PoA was released. I finally sat down to see what all the fuss was about and before I knew it I’d read the first two and was rushing out to buy the third. And yes ‘the urge’ struck me too… I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my reread/rewatch. And I may have cast on a Hufflepuff thing too!


    1. A reread is necessary now and then. Harry Potter was HUGE back in the day, eh? It’s still huge now but the hype was incredible at the time. Not surprised it drew you in.


  5. I can totally agree with the HP love. I’ve read the series about 8 or 9 times by now (I started when I was 9 and I’m only 21 now) and it’s a constant thing in my life (and several of my posts have included Harry in some way). And glad to see there are some Ravenclaws out there, I haven’t met many. I’m a Gryffindor who lives with a bunch of Hufflepuffs and is dating a Slytherin (cause that makes total sense, right?). And you should totally make a Ravenclaw scarf cause you can never have too many of those. Love the post and will be watching for your book reviews!


    1. I don’t have any Harry Potter-related knitted items! I’m so ashamed of myself.

      That’s funny about your mix of people. I think I’m in a relationship with a Hufflepuff, maybe a Gryffindor. I should ask her what one she thinks is best.

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  6. I think I’ve re-read this series twice a year since first being introduced in the mid-2000s. Is it bad that I’m a gryffindor who really wants to be a hufflepuff. I was sorted wrong, I think.

    There is a fantastic book by Lauren Kent, titled “Charmed Knits” which has so many lovely patterns to make, including a few for scarves


  7. I didn’t grow up reading Harry Potter but I learned to love it anyway. When I was going to college, my professor suggested that I do something just for the fun of it (since I was also working full time, married with a household and taking two accelerated classes). I had seen a couple of the movies and loved them immensely so when I saw the entire set of books on sale, in a book store, while I was on a business trip, I bought the whole set! The writing was so picturesque and added new layers to the movies.

    From a knitting perspective, I loved the knitted sweaters that “Molly Weasley” made for herself and the family through the movies. Especially the multi colored sweater she wore in the second movie; I wish I had that sort of knitting talent!!!


  8. I was the same age as HP and friends as well; I grew up always waiting for that letter from Hogwarts :). My knitting has been inspired by the fantastic colours and great garments you can make. I knitted a Gryffindor coloured blanket which was super comfey! What pattern did you use for your scarf as I think that will be my next HP inspired knitting project.


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