Another Kickstarter Update

It’s ten days until my Kickstarter ends and I couldn’t be happier. I wondered if I would hit the original target of $200; I debated making it less, but that was the minimum I would need for a microphone and an upgrade for my blog. I cringed and set it up, telling myself I wouldn’t lose anything if it didn’t get funded and it would at least tell me whether it’s worth trying to push The Knitter Nerd blog further.

Then twenty-four hours passed and I was 110% funded.

With my head still spinning I put a stretch goal of $600 which would allow me to get a desk for my writing (something I need more than I can say) and would also let me pay my cousin, a talented musician, to do the music for my podcast.

With ten days left, I’m $35 from reaching that. It says $135 on there, but one friend gave me cash because she did not want to use a credit card and I include that since it will go towards it. There are still a few fun rewards left so if you want me to knit you something you’d better get on that; you’ve got ten days left to buy my wares!

You can find the Knitter Nerd Kickstarter over here, and you can find my eternal thanks for all the support right here in this blog. I am overflowing with it. Seriously, I have love hearts for eyes.

As far as I’m concerned this has proven I should keep going with the blog and you’ll be seeing more of me over the next few exciting months, including my first podcast in September. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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