It’s Nearly Over.

The Knitter Nerd Kickstarter ends on Saturday. 

This has been an amazing month. I put up a small goal to light a fire under my butt for this blog, thinking that I could gauge whether it’s worth pushing on, and guys, it was worth it. As you know if you read this blog regularly, I hit my original target in twenty-four hours and proceeded to gape in shock and awe as more people showed their support.

I love all of you. All of you. I am a big old bundle of love. Nerdy, fibre-covered love.

Since it’s nearly done, here’s a last reminder that if you want me to knit you something you can totally do that. I’ll do socks, but if you’re looking for something a little cheaper you can get me to knit you any of these:

From Victoria Ann Baker's Ravelry pattern Page: Treads, A Tipless Gloves Pattern
From Victoria Ann Baker’s Ravelry pattern Page: Treads, A Tipless Gloves Pattern
From morgankenai's Ravelry pattern page: TARDIS Beanie
From morgankenai’s Ravelry pattern page: TARDIS Beanie
From Robin Barnhill's Ravelry pattern page: R2D2 Can Cosy.
From Robin Barnhill’s R2D2 Can Cosy.

For just $50, and that includes the postage for most places in the world (and the yarn). And you’d be helping me out more than I could say.

You can also get a link to your blog/shop/designs on The Knitter Nerd or an entire post dedicated to your wares. Check out the rewards, there may be something you want.

I’ve already (more than) reached my stretch goal, but I’m not going to add anything else to it. I’m just letting you know the option is still there for me to knit you something. And if you say you came via this post when I contact you maybe you’ll get something a little extra-special in your package when I sent it out!

Also if you want me to make something for someone else (i.e. for a Christmas present) I’m happy to wrap it and send it directly to them instead of you in time for whatever celebration you have, within reason. So let me know. I’m flexible.

If you want to check it out, click here. And don’t worry; this is the last post there’ll be about the Kickstarter until it’s over!


5 thoughts on “It’s Nearly Over.

  1. I made those fingerless gloves a couple of years ago. I LOVE them! The latereal braid was a new skill to me and it turned out really well.
    So glad thigs went well with your kickstarter!

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