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Welp. That Went Well.

Still not entirely sure how it happened, but thirty days have passed and my Kickstarter campaign is funded. Including the pledge I got from an offline friend (I love you C.J.), it totalled $785. SEVEN. HUNDRED. AND EIGHTY. FIVE. DOLLARS.

This blog is not only levelling up, it just beat the goddamn Boss.

It takes a few weeks for everything to process, so there won’t be much news for a while. Just know I’m thankful for all your support – whether you pledged, shared, or just thought happy thoughts. Soon enough the Knitter Nerd podcast will launch with its jaunty new tune (more on that later) and the blog will be upgraded. I’m pretty sure I have enough to figure out getting it onto a different server, but I’m still working that out.

My cousin Jack is writing a short tune for my podcast intro. He’s a musician by trade, recently graduated and already a radio star (he was on BBC Radio 6 a few weeks back). I’m proud of him and pleased he’s doing this, and thanks to you it’s not even a struggle to pay him – even though I would have figured it out if the Kickstarter hadn’t happened, because Jack is awesome.

Everything. Everything is awesome.

If this post is all over the place, I apologise. I’m a bit excited. Back to your regularly scheduled yarniness any day now.


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