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A New Nerdy Obsession

In the past few months a new obsession has taken hold. It started slowly from a day at the lake playing Catopoly, which is exactly what it sounds like, and blossomed into a full and interesting fixation on all sorts of board games.

Before going to Manitoulin we went to Toronto and visited Hairy Tarantula, a rather lovely games/comic store that has piles and piles of board games. It took us a long time but eventually we decided to buy Ancient World; it seemed simple enough for beginners to understand, yet interesting enough to keep our attention. It would be perfect to play out in the sunshine on our vacation.

Of course, our Manitoulin plans went awry but we still managed to play a few games in the dull light of the porch on a table covered in plastic. It was a lot of fun and we picked it up without too much trouble.

Gams gams gams

Great, we thought. Let’s get more.

One day Nari went to the mall for something simple. We live right next door to one so this is not an unusual occurrence, but then she came back with a big grin on her face and the Firefly game in a bag at her side. Now, I wasn’t going to complain. Firefly! Board games! What crazy fool would object to the two being mashed up?

Firefly is so much fun. We’ve only played two games and we’re very much at the learning stage but I could play it for hours. It’s funny and really feels like you’re in their world as you get absorbed into the story. Firefly is a great game.


Last Friday was my birthday; more on those celebrations later. When it came to opening presents I suspected Nari might get me something game-related, but I was impressed to see she’d picked out a game of chess. When I was a child I loved chess; I was a member of the chess club and regularly beat all the guys in the group. However, no one has much wanted to play it with me since I was eight so I am a little rusty. She beat me hands down in both games we played.

Seriously guys, it was embarrassing. I suck so bad.

That means there’s plenty of room for improvement and even better, there’s a Marvel set of chess pieces that we plan on collecting. Because spending our Sunday nights playing board games isn’t geeky enough.

Do you play board games? Which are your favourite?


6 thoughts on “A New Nerdy Obsession

  1. Much to my husband’s disappointment, I’m not a big board game player. I only play a handful of them, and those took a lot of persuading to get me to play. However, there are a few that I’ll play whenever asked: Dominion, Fluxx, and Pandemic. The first two are card games and the other uses an actual board. Dominion is super fun – I highly recommend it.


  2. Minion Game of Life is tops in my house right now – and we have several versions of Monopoly *eyeroll*
    Is Firefly that good? I haven’t watched it but love NF; have the DVDs because they just fell into my lap. Should I schedule in a session?


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