Blanket for my nephew

When my sister told me she was having another baby the news was bittersweet. It coincided with my first year living in Canada, which meant that I knew I would not get to meet him for quite some time after his birth. He was born a couple of months ago and I still haven’t met him, though he’s absolutely gorgeous and I hope to meet him next year.

I am not a baby person. Without my niece and nephews around I probably wouldn’t knit anything baby-related. That said, I thoroughly enjoy the chances I get to express my affection for these tiny people through yarn-based goodness.


So I knit him a blanket.

This was… a boring knit, considering it is ninety-percent stockinette. That said, it joined me in Manitoulin and was quite fun to knit out in the sunshine without having to use much brainpower to keep it going, and it wasn’t very difficult to knit at work. I finished it a while ago but cast it aside while I waited to finish some other things and now it is time to send them to him.

I also finished a cardigan and you’ll be seeing that soon.


5 thoughts on “Blanket for my nephew

  1. Is the cardigan you planned to knit for your nephew? What a lucky boy!
    Are you interested in crocheting as well! If so, I would like to invited to my home to see some life looking flowers, which were crocheted by my mother. In my page “Everlasting Blossoms” I’m introducing my mother, her unique artwork and how to crochet those life looking butterflies and, Everlasting Blossoms.


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