The New Beginning for the Knitter Nerd

I’ve known it all along: knitters are awesome people.

Not only that, but people are awesome people; not everyone who pledge toward my Kickstarter campaign is a knitter. Some are people I know, some are strangers, all of you have made my year.

This blog is so important to me. Not only because it allows me to vent all the knitting thoughts I have in my head on a day to day basis, but because I can reach out and connect with knitters. One of my main goals with improving The Knitter Nerd is finding a way to connect more with you awesome folks to prove none of us are shouting into the void. We’re all a bunch of knitters and nerds and we’re not alone.

That’s the biggest, most important lesson the internet has taught me. As a scared and lonely teenager I retreated into an online world and I have never looked back. Not once. I found my girlfriend here, I found friends here, and I found that no matter how weird people said I was back then I was among likeminded people as soon as I heard that dial-up tone.

Knitting has been a similar experience for me. Since I joined Sophie’s Stitch ‘n’ Bitch in 2010 during a period of very boring unemployment I realized that knitters are lovely. They are accepting, kind people of all types and they will whole-heartedly pull you into their midst, thrusting skeins of pretty things at you until you’re past saving.

If I sound sappy, forgive me. I am overwhelmed by the kindness I have seen in the past two months. You’ll see the rewards start to roll out this month so keep an eye out for that. There will be more changes to the site over the next three months and I’m very excited to show you guys what’s happening.

(Note: if you come by here and see the site is a bit wonky, don’t mind it. It’s having a little spruce up this month and I do these things by trial and error.)

Thank you everyone who helped me out with this big step up, and thanks for the support of everyone else who reads and comments on this blog. You are all treasures.


4 thoughts on “The New Beginning for the Knitter Nerd

    1. Thank you! I have checked out your blog, it’s very good. I taught myself to knit too; it meant I twisted my purl stitches for almost two years without noticing, but eh, I got over it.


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