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Featured Blog: In The Rounds

Today’s featured blog (via Kickstarter, thank you again Lisa) is In The Rounds: Life, knitting, and everything in between.

Now, before I start gushing about this wonderful blog, let me preface it with a note that I know Lisa in real life. We met at a knitting group in my town where we bonded over a mutual love for geeky things and pretty fibres. That said, her blog In The Rounds is one I would have enjoyed regardless.

Lisa works in a museum and has a passion for history, something that you can find portrayed at In The Rounds. Knitting is something that has a long and fascinating history, something traditionally passed down through generations. Lisa knits from old patterns and explains not only how the item was made but also the story behind it, and isn’t that what makes knitted objects so much more interesting than store-bought clothes? Each knitted hat or scarf or shawl has a story of its own and Lisa does an excellent job at telling it.

The Sortie Hat from In the Rounds
The Sortie Hat from In the Rounds

The way Lisa writes in her blog is always clear, smooth, and interesting. Not only that but the passion she has for her subject (whatever it is at the time) really shines through. You’ll like her blog, I promise.

Go over there now and have a look, and don’t forget to follow her!


4 thoughts on “Featured Blog: In The Rounds

  1. You have made my blush! Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing my little blog! You’re as awesome as always, and hopefully we can geek out soon! We do have three episodes of Who to catch up on!


  2. Followed the link and very much enjoyed what I found – on both blogs. I’ve never thought of the history of knitting per se, except where it involves family, I think it is something I want to think a bit more about, maybe explore it on my blog – you are welcome to visit anytime but be kind I am knew to this blogging.


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