Cables For Miles

Yes, here it is! Some knitting content at last! It’s been a hectic few weeks with both writing and my day job so knitting has taken a backseat in my life. Of course that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped; only that I’ve slowed down enough that finished objects are not coming as quickly.

Still, I finished a cable knit baby sweater a few weeks ago for my little nephew, Tommy. I’ve shared some previews of it but not a full photo and I’m pleased to say I finally had the chance. I wish I could have gotten some natural light photographs but this was the last chance I had before I shoved it in a box and sent it across the ocean. Hopefully my little sister, Megan, will let me post a photo of Tommy wearing it when it arrives. Even better, I’ll get one of him in it when I visit him in April.

This sweater pattern was Hatchling Baby Cardigan by Juliet Moody. It was not a quick knit. It was cables for miles and though it was worth it for the cuteness, it was a boring pattern after the first two inches. In the end I zoned out so far into knitting it that it’s about an inch longer than it should be but after all that effort, I couldn’t bring myself to frog it.


Now, this is the first time I’ve knitted something with sleeves that require more than an inch of sewing so I did not enjoy that part. The seams to turn the sleeves into tubes (that’s the scientific terminology, in case you were wondering) are fine, but the ones to join the sleeves to the body are a little wonky.

Do you think I care? No I do not. It’s passable for a first attempt and I’m 98% sure little Tommy won’t mind a bit.


Yep. There’s some wonky for you.

I used Cashmerino yarn which is blue, despite my coworker’s insistence that it’s green. Or… wait. Was that the other way around? It says a little about the blue-green tone that I can’t remember. It’s a more subtle shade than I could capture in indoor lighting, and it will look adorable on my nephew.

Plus I could hug a skein of Cashmerino even without a chubby-cheeked baby in it.


I remember the first time I knitted a cable. Before I tried it I was almost certain it was magic; how could you make simple knitted stitches look so fancy without arcane arts? It was clear ‘cable needle’ was knitterspeak for ‘magic wand’. Yet it became clear after a few rows that cables are one of the easiest things to do in their basic form, and they can add something special to an otherwise simple shaped cardigan.

It’s still six months until I see my nephew for the first time and he’s growing fast. I hope this still fits him by the time we meet.


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