Knitter Nerd Podcast Episode 1

Here it is! The Knitter Nerd Podcast, the real episode one.

Thank you again to those who supported my Kickstarter campaign; you are the reason I have this new microphone. I love you all, and anyone who listens to it.

So without further ado…

If you want to download it, click here for your options.

Show Notes

Yes, I said I would post this on Saturday but I ended up out of the house most of the day buying hand-knit things of glory and wonder. I will let you know more about that on Wednesday.

Find my friend Sophie’s blog here, and blame her for this knitting obsession.

Kniterary is my Local Yarn Store.

Find the Nerd Underground comic reviews and podcast over here.

Look at the baby cardigan I made.

See a picture on Instagram of the dreadlock hat.

Apparently I’m not being trolled; the Yarn Harlot says ‘nupps’ rhymes with ‘soups’.

See my book reviews here.

Here’s the Welcome to Night Vale book. Review will come Friday, but will be on my Goodreads tomorrow.

Some good comics for you:

Rat Queens



We(l)come Back

No, I’m not a Boom! Studios fangirl. Why do you ask?

Oh, and as a note – the pictures of the Faroese shawl will have to wait. I’m hoping to get photos this week, but I couldn’t wear it on Saturday. It was too cold, I needed all the layers and the shawl is too unwieldy to go beneath a coat.

Go see Christopher Sebela’s adventures in the Clown Motel here.


7 thoughts on “Knitter Nerd Podcast Episode 1

  1. it seems like a great challenge for you to go to an auditory medium when knitting is such a visual art form. i find it fascinating. you have a great voice for podcasting. thanks!


    1. Thank you! Yeah, knitting podcasts are very popular, but you’re right it’s odd to switch from such a visual medium to listening. Knitting is also a very tactile hobby, so losing that on the screen is one thing too. I hadn’t thought of that, thank you!


  2. That was lovely! I was knitting my socks all the way through. 😛 I’m definitely tuning in for your future podcasts! Looking forward to hearing it grow!


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