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Featured Blog: LargeRoomNoLight

Today’s featured blog is:

LargeRoomNoLight: Confessions of a Creative Energy Addict

Thank you again Belinda for your support, and I’m not just talking monetary. You’ve been a regular commenter here and it always makes me smile to hear your thoughts.

LargeRoomNoLight is Belinda’s blog and you can see right off the bat that she’s a talented and creative person. Her most recent creation on the blog is a beautiful sweater with sleeves that were, as she says, her kryptonite. It’s a good thing she kept going with the project because it’s lovely!

From LargeRoomNoLight
From LargeRoomNoLight

She also takes gorgeous photos, even with her smartphone. That’s talent. I love browsing through her latest images; they’re always a treat.

It’s rare you find a blog that’s not only full of pretty pictures but also written from the brain of an eloquent and thoughtful person. I enjoy that as much as seeing her projects and adventures. You should head over there and check out LargeRoomNoLight as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “Featured Blog: LargeRoomNoLight

  1. You’re the best Polo. I think yours was the first blog I connected with when I started blogging. You were planning your permanent move and I was so excited for you. It was the first time I connected that quickly to someone I didn’t know. Many blessings to your and your family. ❤


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