Late to the game

Though I’ve had Instagram for a while, I haven’t used it much. This is mostly because I have been using a Blackberry; very good for writing notes and articles while I’m out and about, but terrible for taking and sharing photographs.

Thankfully I finally won an iPod touch at my last work auction, which means I have much more time to play around with photographs without needing to find and charge my real camera (something I never remember to do). It’s a fairly decent quality so I’ve been addicted to Instagram since the moment I took my iPod out of its shmancy case.

In celebration of my launch into modern life, take a selection of photos from the last week. If you want to add me I am, to no-one’s surprise, knitternerd.

Luna and Ninja - Knitter Nerd
Luna gives Sean a hug, or possibly attempts felicide.
Deadpool and Iron Man - Knitter Nerd
Nari (Iron Man) and I (Deadpool) get our faces painted, because we are 100% excelling at adulting.
Van - Knitter Nerd
Van attempts to make an escape from his cell (he was only in there about an hour until he got to play with the other pups). And yes, he does eat blankets. Sigh.
Eddie loves cats - Knitter Nerd
Our apartment says a lot about us. (His name is Eddie.)
New comics - Knitter Nerd
Last week’s comic haul. For those not in the know, Wednesday is New Comic Book Day. It’s the second best day of the week (after knitting night).
The Time Garden - Knitter Nerd
I bought this when I should not have, and I regret nothing. It is stunning. I can’t wait to colour it.

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