A cuddly blanket for my nephew


Remember that blanket I knitted while I was at Manitoulin? It’s a lovely chevron pattern in grey and white stripes. Finally my little sister received is and she let me share this adorable photograph of little Tommy all snuggled up. She reported that he fell asleep as soon as he was tucked into it.

When we were children we were nervous to be separated from our Mum. She would take our teddies and cuddle them tight, saying she’ll put all her love into it so she’ll still be with us when she’s not there. I used to love that, and I think it translates well into why we knit for those we love: we put all our affection and love into the process so that we can give a little piece of ourselves to carry around.

I can’t be there to hug Tommy. This little life who is so closely related to me has never met me, though I feel like I’ve met him. Now he’s all wrapped up in something I made. It’s not quite a hug but it contains my love; it’ll have to be enough.


13 thoughts on “A cuddly blanket for my nephew

  1. Oh, I love this, all of it. The blanket is beautiful, the baby is beautiful, your post is beautiful. You are so right: we knitters do put a lot of love into our projects, don’t we? I hope you get to give him a real hug someday soon!

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    1. Thank you! I hope Tommy keeps it and thinks of me. I won’t be seeing him much, thousands of miles away as he is, but with modern technology we can at least stay in touch 🙂


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