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The Appeal of Knitting Podcasts

The thing about knitting is that you don’t generally need your ears to do it. That leaves them free to take in whatever you want, and if you’re like me and easily distracted, it’s a great idea to listen to a podcast. Even better, why not listen to a knitting podcast while you do?

I like to listen to in-depth, complicated, fascinating podcasts like Hardcore History or the much-lauded Serial Podcast, but when I’m knitting something more interesting than stockinette I can’t do it. I need something that I can tune out while I figure out how I missed a YO and fudged my k2tog tbl. It needs to be interesting but light-hearted, and that’s where I turn to knitting podcasts.

One of my favourites is Never Not Knitting, especially the catchy theme tune which is now in my head again. There’s also Knit 1 Geek 2 which appeals to me for obvious reasons, and I occasionally binge on The Knitmore Girls.

Tomorrow I add to the list with the first of my two guest star podcasts. A fellow writer for, Alex will be joining me to talk about his knitting projects and which Doctor is his favourite. As you can see, he fits in well around here.

Check out the Knitter Nerd podcast on Saturday if you’re interested!


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