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Not a Knitted Christmas

For the first time in years I do not plan to give most people knitted gifts this Christmas.

As you probably read in my recent post, I put a lot of love into my knitted gifts for friends and family. It’s important to me. However with the Kickstarter gifts underway I’ve realised I don’t have time this year to put the energy in like I usually would.

So I’m buying gifts for people. Shock horror!

That said, I’m sure my loved ones don’t mind. My Secret Santa at work will be lucky enough to get a knitted gift but that’s something quick and easy. Other than that, people will be getting gifts that suit them – just not gifts I’ve made.

This is very strange for me. Sometimes it even feels like cheating. Yet I know that with care the gifts will be just as full of love as a hand-knitted treasure.

Are you knitting/making people gifts this year? Why/why not?


16 thoughts on “Not a Knitted Christmas

  1. I’m knitting a pair of socks for my parents and sister this year. 🙂 I’ve only been knitting for two years and it took me a while to learn how to knit socks and sweaters (or, technically, to find a construction that I can work with and that will fit others easily). Last year I made little soap bags and stuffed them with a luxury bar of soap, but this year I wanted to make everyone something more useful.

    I can’t knit something for everyone though, and my knitting friend can knit the things I’d make for her, so I think she’ll be getting some knitting related supplies instead. 😉


  2. I decided that this year, in appreciation for all the loyal support I’ve had over the years that my aim is to support a local artisan with every gift purchased. It still feels a bit like cheating not knitting all my gifts, but in a good way!

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  3. So NOT cheating… life gets in the way sometimes you know? I had big plans for all handmade gifts this year and it just won’t happen. I will have some : neckwarmers, scarves, homemade herbal lotions, soaps… but I’m also buying quite a few. You do what you can with the time you have and you forgive yourself for the time you can’t find. That is my motto!


  4. I’m in the same boat, minus the kickstarter issue. I’ve not had the time or motivation to plan since my appi surgery this year. During my biggest panic time where I usually start planning and start cranking things out, I ended up with a sick kid who had chicken pox, and gave into commercial shopping this year. It’s going to be rather sad, but added together it just zapped my knitting motivation, so I’m hoping a few pairs of kids mittens might solve the problem.


  5. I understand your frustration .. I usually make knitted gifts for some on my list but the year has gotten away from me and I have started late .. I am in the process and hope to have a few ready before the Holiday … Enjoy your holidays and hey … shopping isn’t all bad 🙂


  6. I’m doing both this year. Those who appreciate knitted gifts (or ask for knitted gifts) will probably get them. For instance- my dad has been seeing all the stuff I have been making for other people, and playfully (not-playfully) suggested that I knit him something. Except everything he jokingly suggests is stuff he would never use or wear. So I’m knitting him a ship blanket.

    Everyone else will get something store-bought and probably thoughtless.


  7. i

    I usually try to knit/craft as many gifts as possible (last year I knitted scarves for all of the LSAs I’d had supporting me in my lessons) but this year four friends are having babies so I’ve been busy creating baby things. It’s going to be odd buying Christmas gifts this year!


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