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Featured Store: Bonny Knits

If you’re looking for gifts to give your loved ones this year it’s always nice to give them something handmade. Unfortunately (as we were discussing Monday) it’s not always possible to find enough time. Why not pop over to Bonny Knits, a store with all sorts of handmade treasures?

For an added bonus you’re buying from a very nice person with a generous heart; Bonny helped me out with my Kickstarter campaign in September.

Going through her store was difficult: I want to share ALL of her pretty things. She’s so talented! You can see how much love and talent goes into each piece.

On top of that, her prices are extremely reasonable considering the quality and time taken. Bonny, you’re awesome.

Here are the above pieces:

Thank you Bonny for your support, you are a lovely person. For those of you who haven’t checked out her store yet, go click here and get to it. There are some gorgeous things on sale and it’s so rewarding to support a talented person instead of a big box store at this time of year!


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