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Knitter Nerd Podcast Episode 3: Timeless Knits

In the third episode of The Knitter Nerd Podcast we meet another Kickstarter superstar, Michele, who bought the podcast option for her friend Diane who is a designer of gorgeous things. I have one of her patterns ready for the perfect yarn and you should check out her designs here, and see a preview of some right now to tempt you over.

Diane Martini has some gorgeous designs and she has generously given you KN readers a 25% discount for the month of December! Go to her Designer Page and use the code polo2015. This is valid right up until the end of December 2015, meaning that it’s the perfect time to get a pattern to make your loved one something pretty. Even better, make it for yourself! You can bet the Marigny Sweater is going to be for myself.

Additionally, comment below with your favourite of Diane’s patterns and I will pick one of you at random on December 16th and purchase the pattern for you as a prize. You have to have a Ravelry account for me to be able to gift something to you, but c’mon, you’re knitters. You already do!

Click here (you can download it directly as a .wav or an .mp3 to take away with you) or listen below.

Diane is a knitwear designer. Here are her designs.

Michele is the generous person who helped fund my Kickstarter and did so on behalf of Diane because she’s a lovely friend! She sews and knits.

You will hear random animal noises at points in the podcast because cats really enjoy interrupting loudly at all opportunities.

Also, we laugh a lot. Michele and Diane are funny and friendly people and we spoke for a good hour longer than this outside of the recording. That’s what I love about knitting: there’s so much community around it.

Some notes:
– Read more about Knit in Public Day here.
– How to crochet plastic bags into mats for homeless folk.
– How to crochet your seams together.
This is qiviut. It’s lovely.
– Diane’s failed design is made of tencel which is great but does not hold its shape.
– Brooks Farm Yarn. Here or here.

Take a look at two of the patterns we discussed: the Marigny Sweater and the Versicolor Cowl.

Marigny Sweater
Pattern page. © photo by jamie smith photograpy
From Diane Martini's Designer Page. © rantini 2015
From Diane Martini’s Designer Page. © rantini 2015

There’s an odd pause and continuation at the end five minutes. Don’t shut it off until the end! We stopped talking and then realised we had more to say. It’s hilarious, because we are yarn addicts.

Again, stop by Diane’s store and don’t forget to use the discount code – polo2015 – as well as commenting here with your favourite pattern for the chance to win it!

Thank you again Michele and Diane for your support and a whole lot of fun.


9 thoughts on “Knitter Nerd Podcast Episode 3: Timeless Knits

  1. I saw the “Unlimited Addition 8-Way Shell and Scarf” and knew immediately that the silk blend tweed yarn I bought (the discontinued one) would be absolutely perfect for that! It’s going on my wishlist regardless of the giveaway!

    Time to break out some WIP socks and listen. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Many thanks to Polo and Michele both for the support and for the very fun afternoon! I am also really enjoying the Knitter Nerd site and the other podcasts.

    So thanks to Michele for introducing me to Polo!

    Liked by 1 person

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