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The Last Post of 2015

How do you sum up a year like this?

Let’s start with how it’s the first full calendar year I’ve spent living in Canada. I almost did it in 2012, but left at the beginning of December. I emigrated in June 2014 so this year is the first one where I’ve made it through a whole circle around the sun.

In terms of this blog, things are going well. The biggest change was running my Kickstarter back in August/September. I’ve got a couple of the rewards ready to send out in the new year, and I’ve already posted both of the podcasts which were lots and lots of fun. I made new friends!

When I started the year I had fewer than one thousand followers. At time of writing I am edging up to four thousand. I love reading people’s responses to the blog and I love reading other people’s craft and book-based blogs around the place. Basically, I’m part of a great community and it’s an important slice of my life now.

My writing and I have come far. I don’t know if I told you guys but I had a piece about knitting and mental health published in a UK health magazine. I’d link it but honestly, it’s a little personal and I’m not comfortable quite yet.

Ironic that it’s in a print magazine if I’m shy about it, isn’t it?

I also spent a large part of the year working with Nerd Underground which is now defunct. A shame, but I learned a lot about comics and the comic industry. I also made friends, which you can see is a theme here. I really like people, okay!

Outside of the interwebs I went to Manitoulin for a week with my girlfriend, her parents, and my friend/her husband. It wasn’t an ideal vacation but the island was beautiful and I got some locally-sourced, naturally-dyed yarn and the best blanket ever, so it can’t be too bad!

My nephew Tommy was born that same week. I haven’t met him yet (but will do next year in April!). I knitted him a blanket and a cardigan in place of all the hugs I want to give him as soon as possible.


Other things I’ve knitted? So, so many things. After all I’m back in the Durham Region which means I’m back to binging on yarn from Kniterary (Martina does good yarns by golly).

I’ve made hats, shawls, blankets, socks, toys, mittens, fingerless gloves, etc. My needles click day by day and I love it more than ever.

My knitting skills have definitely improved. I knitted a shawl out of wollmeise that is now my favourite finished object by far. Complicated and fiddly, it only took me a couple of weeks and that includes the time spent cursing over a dropped nupp.

In terms of bigger projects I helped Martina and a bunch of knitters paint the new location for Kniterary which was a lot of fun. I even got paint on my handknit socks, and it was deliberate! (I still wear them all the time.)

I wrote about How To Knit A Sock (A Recipe) and laughed at the comments I received.

I confirmed my suspicions that I’m a process knitter and don’t care about the finished objects all too often.

Anyone can be a better knitter and I shared some ways I believe that’s possible.

More socks magically appeared on my needles. What? I have a problem.

Then more socks happened. And more.

Canadian winter slapped me in the face and my eyebrows froze.

2015 has, in summary, been an excellent year. It has been a strange one in places and stressful in others but on the whole I’m happy.

The other day I was listening to songs about escape that used to make me cry. I realised something: they do nothing for me now. I enjoy the music, yes, and I still sing along but they don’t burn at my soul like they once did. I don’t want to escape any longer. I’m home.

And that’s the best thing any year has given me.


7 thoughts on “The Last Post of 2015

  1. I enjoyed your little round-up, and then I got to your bit about the music that used to make you cry, and I sat up and said, “Yes!” I’ve had songs with lines that just broke my heart sometimes, and thankfully they don’t anymore. I’m glad you have found your home and your happy. Enjoy it. 🙂


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