Timey Wimey Socks: Doctor Who Knits

The perfect thing for a mild-then-brutal winter in Southern Ontario? Doctor Who binges. Yep, in the past month or two I have fired up my Shomi account and watched the first five-and-a-half seasons of Doctor Who in quick succession.

Things I have learned from this viewing:

  • I don’t actually like Ten all that much, except with Donna.
  • Eleven is my favourite Doctor. Yeah, I know.
  • Donna and the Ponds are my favourite companions.
  • I would run away with River Song, no hesitation. Even if the Doctor was also inviting me and giving me the sadface.
  • Lots of incongruous things sound like the TARDIS when you’re walking along at night.


One thing I love about Doctor Who fans is how creative they (we?) are. It does help that it’s a fandom that has so many remarkably recognisable motifs, but I like to believe that close exposure to the TARDIS fires up unused synapses.

In honour of the wondrous Time Lord and all his cast of amazing people, here are some things to make your life even cosier: handknit socks. Doctor Who handknit sock patterns, even.

Don’t say I don’t spoil you, Whovian knitters.

Police Box Sox

by Audrey Nicklin



by Anna Richardson


Bigger on the Inside Socks

by Heidi Nick


Police Box Socks

by SpillyJane


Tune in next Wednesday to see more excellent Doctor Who socks.

Because there are so many more. Seriously. We Whovians like toasty toes.


12 thoughts on “Timey Wimey Socks: Doctor Who Knits

    1. There are times I like Ten! But mostly, no, I didn’t like him as much this time around. I used to love him. I haven’t made any of the socks yet, but the first pair will be created just as soon as I find the right yarn!


  1. I have never wanted to knit socks (Hey, I’m new to this knitting thing) but some of these do tempt me.
    Not a fan of ten, really? I’m not gonna lie, Ten is my favorite and he’s at his best with Donna.


    1. You should definitely knit socks. They are so satisfying. Especially when they are also a TARDIS.
      Ten is my…fourth favourite. Out of the four modern ones. I know, I know! I used to love him but the rewatch made me a bit skeeved out by his manipulate-people-into-dying-for-him thing that happened every other episode. With Donna he was badass, and with Martha in parts.


  2. Oh man, Nine is my favorite, and Rose with Nine/Ten are my favorite pair by far. I actually like the Doctors and companions in the orders they appear in the series! I finished season 7 last year somewhere and never got around to 8 and 9, but I started rewatching from the Ninth just before Christmas and am back at season 7 today.

    I did catch a few episodes of season 8, and I dislike Clara immensely. I’m just holding on to liking Twelve and making it through that lol.

    Fun fact: I saw the Police Box Sox pattern and thought “I NEED THAT” only to find I already had it in my library! Way before I found out which default sock pattern I liked and could do colorwork. Both which I have now mastered and which will now put this pattern high up in my que. 😀


    1. Nine is amazing! He’s so… restrained. Hopeful and damaged. All portrayed in such a short time. I love it. I haven’t seen the latest season because I’m in the middle of a binge of the older ones and therefore cannot watch them out of order, d’oh. I planned that badly.

      I plan to make those socks too! I’m just looking out for the perfect TARDIS-blue yarn.


  3. Ten is my first and favorite Doctor, but I do love him with Donna. Martha is my favorite companion, though (Amy second, Donna third). Clara is my least favorite companion, but it has nothing to do with the actress. I just think Clara is badly written, and that they have gotten away from her original purpose.


    1. He is excellent with Donna, who is my favourite companion. Amy/Rory/River are my second joint favourite, and I do like Clara though not as much as the others. Martha gets an honorable mention since she was a character with huge wasted potential.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes! Someone else who isn’t as big of a Ten fan as the rest of the world. He had great moments, and the season with Donna was amazing. But Eleven tops my list as well. Sadly, I’m not caught up, so I have no idea how the new Doctor is.


    1. Yay! Very few others agree with us which is fine, but it’s nice to find someone who is on the same wavelength. I love Eleven. I’m on his final season now. Twelve is good, though I’ve only seen him in one season – I’m a bit behind.

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