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Surprise Kitty

My girlfriend works with animals. Combine that with the fact that we have three cats and a dog at home and plan to one day run a hobby farm (with alpacas, naturally) it’s not at all surprising that her first instinct upon seeing an abandoned stray cat was to bring her home.

Khoshekh is a very pregnant stray who could pop any second. When I say ‘pop’ I mean she could give birth, not that she’s some kind of cat-bubble or in danger of spontaneous combustion. She is currently staying in our cat room temporarily and yes, you read that right, we are the kind of people who have a cat room.

Khoshekh. I just like typing Khoshekh.
Khoshekh on her first day with us.


A note on her name: she is not really called Khoshekh, but since we have not decided on a proper name for her I have been calling her that. Since that’s how my Dad and I ended up with a cat called Puss, I think we can probably assume it’s sticking for as long as she’s with us. If you don’t know who Khoshekh is, you have been missing out.

I’m hoping her kittens don’t float.

When we went to take her to the rescue folks today we realised we had the wrong day and they weren’t available. I know I should be annoyed by this but really it means we have more of a chance to meet her kittens. Also, more time with Khoshekh who is a total love bug and won’t stop purring the moment we step into the cat room.

Since she’s been a stray for a while (you should see her coat) she’s kept separate from the other kitties because of fleas and mites and such, and we’ve treated them all just in case. It’s probably nice for Khoshekh to get some quiet, warm, silent time. We’ve built her a little nest in case she produces small fluffy sprogs, though that won’t help much if they float.

If you’ve got any to spare, give a thought to little Khoshekh who will be looking for a new family very soon. She deserves the best after her struggles; someone to cuddle her every single day.


6 thoughts on “Surprise Kitty

  1. She sounds like Fletcher. He would start purring whenever I walked into the room, because of course I was going to fuss him, so why wait?

    Unfortunately I have discovered that my private jet does not actually exist. Therefore you will have to keep her on my behalf. Or get your private jet to deliver her to me. There is no third option. 🙂

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    1. Oh man how I wish I could get her to you. Or keep her. Either way, I’m enjoying having her around for as long as it takes to get her a decent home (that isn’t overcrowded with pets already).


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